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@deerokus: People pissed off about their game wouldn't know what the fuck a stock keeping unit is let alone when its abbreviated to sku

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@MongoosePL: I think its more he's saying fuck them on principle, not because he has a 360 and not a ps3...

I own both and didn't buy this game, and I still say fuck them. Its filthy they can do this.

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This is one of the first realisations I have seen of my biggest fear during the current generation. Game companies no longer have to worry about getting games out the door working and of a high quality, and people accept it because, HEY PATCH IN THE WORKS.

Well guess what, there isn't one, they have your money, nyah nyah.

Disgusting, and I predict the first of many such cases.

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@jillsandwich said:

Complaining about length is stupid and pointless.

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I have the worst feeling in my gut that people will point at this and say "LOOK AT THE NUMBERS WE COULD DO IF WE MADE IT SO NOBODY COULD PIRATE THE GAME, ALWAYS ON DRM IN ALL GAMES NOW!"

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Oh god! not aliens colonial marines! I might just kill myself now........

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NO PLASTIC NONSENSE? legit disappointed about that. Ah well

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@Goboard said:

It sort of does, but that looks like an altered version of this portrait of Francis I.

Mystery solved

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I like kessler, he's just so inoffensive. A rather bumbling but sincere attitude to life and dude knows his games! Seems like he was the only intern that could sit down and spit game and know what he was talking about with the likes of jeff.

As for kasavin well, shit son, its kasavin.

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Isnt the old owner who had the rent dispute starting a new-old arcade?