Top 10 Popular Games that dont deserve the hate they receive.

They sold bazzilions, they are be talked about now and will still be talked about in years to come, yet people hate them. Call it trying to be hip, call it being an attention grabber, call it trying to be an individual.
I call it the inability recognise the greatness a game has.

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I might also do a "games that sold well that don't deserve the love they get " list but i'm having trouble finding enough so im questioning is it really worth doing.

Posted by JackSukeru

Good list. I would have a lot to say about all of these games but as it's late and I need sleep I'm just gonna pick one: Final Fantasy 7. I picked this one since I recently bought it on the Playstation Network. 
I had only played it once before when I borrowed it from a friend. I also borrowed FF8 and FF9 from him at the same time (this was around the time when FF9 had just been released) I didn't like the look of the game at and thought the blocky characters were so ugly compared to those in 8 and 9. Once I got past the train part I lost interest (when it came to the other games I got about halfway through 8 before loosing interest. 9 is the only non-remake Final Fantasy game I have ever finished to date.) 
Either way, for some reason, over the years I had grown more accepting of some parts of JRPG's that would otherwise make me lose interest (like grinding), so I decided to give it another go. By this time I had already been spoiled to the mayor events of the game (deathsofaries, cataclysmic event involving meteor etc.) but I was still curious about all that inbetween. I also think playing it on my PSP instead of a big TV makes putting up with the aged graphics a bit easier.
What I found really surprised me. There was an actual game underneath all that nostalgia and hate I'd heard about. It was buildt sort of like a 16-bit rpg only it was 3D, which was kind of funny to see. But most importantly, this wasn't a self-aware remake trying it's best to appeal to it's fans with reimagined scenes, graphics and voicework. This was the actual game as it was before it became a cult classic and before it became a much better one in your memory. 
I guess part of me being confused about what the game really was came from me playing a part of Crisis Core. Now that's a self-aware fanwank if I ever saw one, oh well. I've only gotten a few hours into it but I intend to finish it some day. 
Hm...maybe I should have just written a blog...  
Overly looooong comment is just that.

Posted by Zabant
@RockmanBionics: Interesting thoughts, its funny to hear how expectations and fanbase hype had coloured you on the game before you played it. So many people fall into that trap.
Posted by Paulrus

Halo 3- I really didn't enjoy the campaign as much as I did Halo 2's. What sold the game for me, though, was theater and Forge. It was fun to mess with until I started playing Team Fortress 2.
Sonic Adventure- I caught this one on the Gamecube: found it to be pretty bad. This may because I played Sonic Adventure 2: Battle years before, or because I hated Big the Cat with a passion of the Christ. 
Wii Sports- Not a classic, but a decent game.
E.T.- You're right. I've played E.T. and read it's history; people don't understand what this thing went through to see the light of day. It was bad, but I can think of even worse games.
Wind Waker- I think the cartoon graphics shock died when it turned out to be a pretty awesome game.

Posted by Elyk247

Halo 3 was a great game.

Final Fantasy VII was garbage.
Sonic Adventure was cool because of the whale.
Wii Sports is fun for everyone.
Guitar Hero was fun up until 2.
Wind Waker is probably the best Zelda since A Link to the Past.