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@wemibelec90: they might have leveled up their toughness on their character

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@fattony12000: do we have to PM you or is just posting in the thread okay? I sent a request to East yesterday and I just sent one to East 2

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Sent a request to join PS4 NA East, my name is the same as on here; Zacagawea

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what is happening

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PSN: Zacagawea

First time playing and am half way through as a demon hunter, would love to co-op it up

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Decided to try out Deathlord in a Shaman deck to help with zoo, que up in to casual for testing, and boom, turn 4 Rag. Immediately took it out and put Faerie Dragon back in.

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I feel like I'd rather just have all the new 30 cards be class cards. I love Shaman but there is seriously only one way to play him. While the neutral cards will shake up the archetypes for the classes a little bit, more class cards would go way longer in terms of variety I think. Though, maybe it's not worth just adding 3 per class, I don't know.

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@random45: because the actor who played Cooper didn't want a big part sadly