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It's called soul greatsword and you get it in Drangleic Castle. Finally found after it continually wrecking me in pvp.

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I actually just ran through this and am now in black gulch as of 5 minutes ago. It honestly really could have been worst, all things considered. Not looking forward to this next area though.

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The early fire sword seems like the best I can do right now as a magic man. Anybody know where a good catalyst is? I'm about 16 hours in and have only found one other one besides the starter.

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Okay, well I hoped in it twice when I saw it for good measure so I guess I'm okay. Weird.

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So, in the tutorial area there's a beach with a troll ambush and then on the shore there's a boat with a lid. When you interact with it you pop in and it goes to a loading screen and then makes you leave the boat. When I first saw it I thought it was a covenant thing, but nothing happened that I noticed. I was just wondering if anybody knew anything about it and if not, just pass along the message that somebody left their boat there.

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Are miracles good? Work the same? I wanna be a Jesus freak with a big sword the first time through.

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You're ignoring the non-internet part of the zeitgeist

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Like shit

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Yes! What/why the fuck? It's the first thing I noticed.

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Premium live streams have terrible audio skipping and artifacting on iPad. Not a new bug but I deal with it every week and it hurts me emotionally.