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Yes! Kinect games.

Picture this; you're both playing Wipeout for Kinect together. You accidentally fall on top of each other onto the floor due to the strenuous activity and that causes you both to look into each other eyes, with a smile. Then, you make your move! And, then the Kinect, too, makes it's own move. By sending the data of you two having sex to the NSA. Enjoy your date.

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I had the exact same reaction when I first played it and it took me my second run through for it to click. Honestly, it's kind of amazing how much of a missed opportunity the story is. And also the powers, too. Sure looks pretty, though!

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I can't listen to anything through the Apple podcast app

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I don't how this got posted to this board, for the record. I blame the mobile site.

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I'm pretty unsure of when or if these are happening this year so does anybody know

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It's called soul greatsword and you get it in Drangleic Castle. Finally found after it continually wrecking me in pvp.

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I actually just ran through this and am now in black gulch as of 5 minutes ago. It honestly really could have been worst, all things considered. Not looking forward to this next area though.

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The early fire sword seems like the best I can do right now as a magic man. Anybody know where a good catalyst is? I'm about 16 hours in and have only found one other one besides the starter.

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Okay, well I hoped in it twice when I saw it for good measure so I guess I'm okay. Weird.