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You don't ever call your parents by their first name so it's not really an issue

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I wonder if they only send these beta invites to people who have all the marketing spam boxes checked

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Brad needs to learn to just go for it more, these are quickly becoming grueling to watch with his constant hesitation and lack of showmanship that Vinny had. He should stop bugging out every single time he gets a scrape from an enemy and focus on playing instead of cursing, also.

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Scoops where are the scoops

I miss the scoops

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@baillie: Oh, okay that makes sense. I understand the sentiment.

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@sooty: I feel like most sites that don't just post trailers do that. I'm sure the cut they get from YouTube ads isn't enough to support the site.

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I ended up here after seeing that some new screens got released or something and started to read the wiki page. It read a lot like a press release, so, I googled. It's straight from the EA UFC website that I would link to if I wasn't on mobile. Google or maybe even Bing EA Sports UFC and you'll get there. Then, scroll down and click on one of the boxes that reads DISCOVER MORE UFC FEATURES (!!!) and that's the page from where the text was taken. I'm not some wiki aficionado, but my understanding is that this is not kosher.

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