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So, in the tutorial area there's a beach with a troll ambush and then on the shore there's a boat with a lid. When you interact with it you pop in and it goes to a loading screen and then makes you leave the boat. When I first saw it I thought it was a covenant thing, but nothing happened that I noticed. I was just wondering if anybody knew anything about it and if not, just pass along the message that somebody left their boat there.

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Are miracles good? Work the same? I wanna be a Jesus freak with a big sword the first time through.

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You're ignoring the non-internet part of the zeitgeist

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Like shit

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Yes! What/why the fuck? It's the first thing I noticed.

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Premium live streams have terrible audio skipping and artifacting on iPad. Not a new bug but I deal with it every week and it hurts me emotionally.

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You don't ever call your parents by their first name so it's not really an issue

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I wonder if they only send these beta invites to people who have all the marketing spam boxes checked

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Brad needs to learn to just go for it more, these are quickly becoming grueling to watch with his constant hesitation and lack of showmanship that Vinny had. He should stop bugging out every single time he gets a scrape from an enemy and focus on playing instead of cursing, also.