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Giving out those games for free is pretty insane. At least they are taking this stuff seriously... Now if they'd just learn something form this as well.

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I love this game. Crushing T4 with my Demon Hunter and also have T1 Crusader and Barbarian. Doing a Hardcore run with a Witch Doctor too... I played Diablo 3 on PC when it came out and had some fun but now I'm pretty much addicted while playing on PS4.

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This is a great game, but I think this abusively awful box art deserves a mention here.

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Everything is better with Vinny.

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That's a lovely gesture duders. My imaginary hat's off to you.

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Maybe Bioshock Infinite, I hated the gameplay but soldiered through waiting for the "amazing" story to reveal itself, but it was just an unearned dumb twist ending with no real substance to it.

Jeff was really excited about it and this is the only time I can remember trusting his taste has guided me astray.

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Yes. Oddworld was one of my first PS1 games and hold a special place in my heart.

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I shower every morning straight out of bed, it's really hard to get my day going otherwise.

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