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I'm so excited!

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I just played Ground Zeroes and am so pumped to watch Drew play MGS3.

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MotherboardASUS, Intel Z97
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RAM16 Gt 1600 MHz DDR3
MonitorBenQ GW2765HT 27" IPS
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I'm new to PC gaming and just switched my 6+ years old iMac to this. Games look really great compared to PS4 and the loading times are insanely fast on an SSD. I have never been bothered by loading times but after fast travelling in Far Cry 4 in just a few seconds I don't know how I can go back.

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Good luck in whatever you do next. It was a pleasure to watch your content.

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Yeah she should make her own PSN account so that she has her own save in all the games she plays.

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I was kind of bored looking at that... I'm not really sure why.

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Giving out those games for free is pretty insane. At least they are taking this stuff seriously... Now if they'd just learn something form this as well.

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I love this game. Crushing T4 with my Demon Hunter and also have T1 Crusader and Barbarian. Doing a Hardcore run with a Witch Doctor too... I played Diablo 3 on PC when it came out and had some fun but now I'm pretty much addicted while playing on PS4.