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The only complaint I have about the PS4 is the 3 month wait for inFamous Second Sons

Yeah, it has been excellent so far, but it's really hard to say anything definitive before more games come out. Buying a new console this soon is always going to be a bet for the future.

The controller is just sublime I have to say, I recently played Batman: Arkham Origins on a DS3 and it was pretty awful to go back.

yea i plug in the ps4 controller to the ps3 now, just cant go back.

Yeah I played all the way through Demon Soul's, Dark Souls and South Park with the PS4 controller. The cord is a bit annoying but there is just no going back for me either.

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Yeah, that's awesome.

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This seemed ripe for the usual "here's some money lets leave it at that" back-room deals. I guess not!

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I updated the list again. I'd love to get a few more active players on my list.

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The Bombcast is the only podcast not sponsored by Audible.

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This really sounds like a joke. A bad one.

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It's a bit surprising the embargo lifts so late, maybe Sony is just changing its style.

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Well done sir.

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Superb stuff.