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These numbers seem pretty insane. It's great to see a strong start for the new console generation, maybe we will get those great games a bit sooner than before.

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I hope we get some more players because of Patrick. All are welcome.

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Those are some pretty numbers, thanks.

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Dragon Age: Origins last year and Spelunky this year.

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He said he didn't play 10 games this year so he didn't do a list... Maybe a top 3? The rules seem pretty relaxed this year.

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Bioshock: Infinite. I really disliked playing that game, but kept going for the promise of a good story, but that ended up just being a lame twist ending that undermined everything I had suffered through. I don't think I have ever gone against the "popular oppinion" of a game as much as I did with Infinite.

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@vuud said:

Does this involve black magic, freaky-assed cults, and/or aliens? Inquiring minds want to know.

It has a supernatural premise, but it's not the main focus.

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@marcsman said:

The only complaint I have about the PS4 is the 3 month wait for inFamous Second Sons

Yeah, it has been excellent so far, but it's really hard to say anything definitive before more games come out. Buying a new console this soon is always going to be a bet for the future.

The controller is just sublime I have to say, I recently played Batman: Arkham Origins on a DS3 and it was pretty awful to go back.

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