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Best of luck, Patrick. GB is poorer for losing you.

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This is sad. I read every one of his books when I lived overseas in the mid-90's.

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Weird, I thought I killed the guy in red and got sentenced to manual labor. It's easy to replay that day once and see those endings.

First time through, I got the Too Honest achievement.

Second time through, I hadn't let the Shae woman in like the party boss wanted, so I was arrested on some trumped-up charge. The problem is, I'm not sure what day she came in, so I don't know how far back to replay.

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Thanks for making me feel good about being in the 99%, Patrick. :)

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This is incredibly sad.

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I stopped playing Dishonored about halfway through, RL intruded and I forgot. When this DLC came out I got excited for it again, and yes, it's pretty awesome (esp. the first two levels).

The ending is completely different depending on what level of chaos you finished at — I killed no one, and got a different ending than I'd seen online. Since then I started the main story over and am almost finished with it.

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Hey Patrick, good on you for wearing a helmet. Seriously. My fiancee had a terrible bike accident this last summer, and I think the only reason she isn't brain damaged or dead is because of the helmet. I don't give a shit about the scars, I still have her. She's also a very experienced cyclist, finishing the Mountains of Misery 100k ride in the top ten for females. It can happen to anyone. Good on you for making sure Katie still has a husband.

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Thanks Patrick, I'm glad you're bringing this up. The more it's brought out in the light, the less people will take reflexive positions that either ignore or belittle the problem. I'm constantly challenging myself to not assume much about people based on age/race/gender/whatever, because yeah, it's natural, and I know we can do better.

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Oh geez. Yet another thing I'm buying again. At least it's only $5, that's really nice. I paid $10 for Avernum, and that was totally worth it.

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Really sorry to hear about that, Patrick. My condolences.

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