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I was watching the episode of Monday Nitro where (spoiler) Razor Ramon invades. During a later match, Eric Bischoff heads to a replay with a Playstation ad with the slogan, "Killer of Hopes, Smasher of Egos." This is an awesome slogan but I can't find any reference to it outside of a couple forum signatures and a fantasy wrestling webpage.

Here's the video

Does anyone remember this slogan?

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found $50 on the floor of the supermarket, that money went right to GB. keep up the good work duders im lookin forward to another year of stupid shit

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proud (weird word to use but cant think of anything better) that you owned up to this immediately instead of trying to ignore it or rationalize it away. the sign of an adult, learning and growing from mistakes. i hope you manage to eliminate this kind of hate speech from your vocabulary entirely and maybe we all, staff and users, can use this unhappy incident to reflect on how the words we use can affect others. especially considering that homophobic speech is not the only kind of hate speech we hear, especially as gamers in our little horrible bubble. even in the worst of circumstances, there are learning opportunities everywhere and its up to us, all of us, to make the best of it.

namaste, ryan.

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So this is basically Sherlock Holmes 7 then, right?

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LCad said:
"That didn't stop Baba O' "A Minute and a Half Without Guitar" Riley.
man even without guitar for 1:48, Baba O'Riley is the best song in a rhythm game ever.

and i dont even like the who.
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Beat Happening

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its a quick and easy way to throw up your pvp flag.  just register, enter your gamertag/psn name, check your dlc, and click "I'm ready to Rock!"
if anyone wants to band quickplay and wants to play with dlc you'll get an invite or an email or what ever