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125fps u can jump higher in quake 3 engine games or 333 fps but that is for rich people.

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Go Shiina

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I still have this and it is pissing me off. Only way to fix it is to watch it in fullscreen.

os: windows 7

chrome: 29.0.1547.57 m

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Mars Attacks! and Gremlins.

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eat lead: the return of matt hazard

That game was horrendous and no one should be made to play it. Atleast got the s-rank in one playthrough, but still so bad =(

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black licorice

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got my game today and waiting for able to install it in about 6 hours and the games goes live in 12 hours for europe

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The game is actually surprisingly ok, but its just that i don't recognize none of these people in the game

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resonance of fate, eternal sonata, tales of graces f and vesperia, star ocean last hope (disgaea 4 and demon/dark souls?)

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UMvC and Hot Pursuit. On the criterion game i would have liked more crashing and less driving. You only get to crash in some of the missions as a cop and as a robber basically in none of the events, if i remember correctly.

time trials are booooring and ''checkpoint races'' w/e

edit: oh yeah almost forgot Record of Agarest War so bad

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