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#1 Posted by ZackHoagie (23 posts) -

Hey, just posting to say the Create New Object page is broke.

#2 Posted by ZackHoagie (23 posts) -

some sort of silicone based lubricant, WD-40 can ruin plastic and the rest of these suggestions are par for the course when you make an attention grabbing topic name without anything to back it up!

#3 Posted by ZackHoagie (23 posts) -

Metacritic is a shitty standard to judge a games quality anyway so who gives a shit?

#4 Posted by ZackHoagie (23 posts) -

Well fuck, that dashes my hopes of Waku Waku 8.

#5 Posted by ZackHoagie (23 posts) -

Of course it should, or else all the time I spent upgrading my PC for Quake 2 is going to WASTE.

#6 Posted by ZackHoagie (23 posts) -

@Slaker117: Dude, look at these comments at a story about Sony's PSN woes or what have you and you'll realize console warriors are still fighting the stupid, stupid, stupid fucking fight.

#7 Posted by ZackHoagie (23 posts) -

@Baconbot: The weird thing is though is that they specifically targeted two Summer of Arcade games instead of say, Resistance 3 or Hard Reset or Gears 3 or what have you. As shitty and console-warsish as it sounds, I have a pretty good feeling this might of been Sony fans.

#8 Edited by ZackHoagie (23 posts) -

So... why exactly were they doing this? I mean, trolling is pretty unreasonable by design, but usually trolls have some sort of selection process for their targets.

#9 Posted by ZackHoagie (23 posts) -

It costs a hell of a lot less to take an old IP then it does to make a new one, duders.

#10 Edited by ZackHoagie (23 posts) -

The actual action of Syndicate wherein you moved your agents around and completed missions could really work perfectly as a well put together Squad Based FPS. The only real outrage here is crotchety old PC gamers angry that they don't get to play more Excel Except Instead Of Accounting You're Killing People I Guess.

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