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The next real challenge - AR Vinny on live streams.

Jeff and Vinny QLs cannot be stopped!!!

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Counter Strike Global Offensive. Just a disgusting game.

At the time of the release it had absolutely no purpose to exist what so ever since it didn't have anything new to offer. Even bunch of textures and models are copy pasted from previous valve titles (As long as Valve does it, it's all good).

Now its purpose and main focus is to sell weapon skins and community maps which you won't be able to play on official servers anymore after a certain time. Again, this is perfectly fine it seems because Valve. Imagine Activision pulling maps from the playlist after 6 months? Wouldn't that be fun?

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I'm disappointed that they didn't show the guy who was reppin' dat Haze dude avatar icon.

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If only they would have stuck to Overstrike, THEN CLEARLY it would have sold like a million in a week. Yup. The one and only explanation why nobody is buying it.

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PC developer, the most valuable thing THQ had, now ain't that ironic.

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Lack of Erik Wolpaw's top10 list makes me sad :(

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Damn. Video games will never be the same anymore.

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Trying to think about some obscure ones.

Mothership from Homeworld


The boobs from Trespasser

Spehs Marens from 40K

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Team Fortress 2 and every piece of media around it. The comics, blog posts (every piece of text you can find), specific event character voice lines (I'm pretty sure the new Halloween bomb is a Mexican Nolan North), movies and, shit you not, hat/item descriptions - just the pure comedy and cleverness in every description is legitimately hilarious - to get you started ,

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@Xshinobi said:

Gotta love Microsoft's support for the PC.

They have been putting bunch of MS published XBLA games on PC AND just recently patched in Steamworks support in Toy Soldiers while not including GWFL in newest titles at all like Mark of Ninja and Deadlight. So, yeah, whoever is in charge on the digital side is doing a fantastic job.

Still sucks that they didn't give Gears 3/Judgement, Halo Reach/4 or Forza even a chance on the PC.