Looking for feedback on a new site

Hi there Giant Bomb community! 

These few weeks I've been creating my own website. I've been coming up with ideas of what to write about and how to make it interesting. It's just a blog right now because I want to focus on reviews and editorials but I've got plans for the future. I've got two articles up right now. A review of the new EDF game and an editorial on a cool new digging game Dig-N-Rig. I'm just starting to figure out what I want to do with it and how to do it so I am very interested to see what you guys think.
I will try to revisit games that perhaps got overlooked in the past while reviewing the games that are coming out with some editorials in between. I also hope to showcase Russian games that are worth looking out for and some that are definitely not. I'm sorry if my writing style is still a bit green and I'm looking for any tips or ideas for articles that, you guys, have.
You can visit it here


Translating Gamebomb.ru

Gamebomb.ru is a freaky, mutated version of GiantBomb.com from Russia that I discovered while GB was down. Unlike most clone sites this one instead of just copying all of the Giant Bomb content, just took the basic structure while providing it's own reviews, news and videos (that are mostly stolen from youtube), there is even an updated logo and redrawn review avatars. All would be well and good if their original content was on par with Giant Bomb, if not in quality but at least in style, but it is far from it. To show what I mean I will translate a review of Brink, a game developed by Splash Damage and published by Bethesda Softworks, the only problem is that Brink is still a month away from release. There was no leaks of it and as far as I know review copies have not been sent out yet. So let's jump into this mess:

So that was that. Here are some translation notes. Dude clearly can't distinguish between protagonist and antagonist. He has no idea of how publishers and developers work. Compares the game to a slew of different games, some of which are completely different genres. States ridiculous claims of how shooters have to entertain the player. and finishes it all off with a French-ism meaning "in bad taste". Hope you enjoyed this little journey into Russian gaming journalism. If you want to see more like the 3 star review of portal posted months before game's release or anything else tell me, I'll be happy to translate it.

In the comments there is actually one poor soul who tries to defend writing reviews based on trailers and other info. Let God give him peace of mind because he certainly needs it.

On photorealism in video games

I've been arguing with my friend about this for a few days now. He is amazed at how great 3d max renders can look and wants games to look this way, but I say that it's not the photorealism, it's the style that the game is presented in. Like what effects they use, how well are the levels structured, the frame rate ect.
I don't see the world being spectacular enough to replicate in video games. Sure, sky looks great on a good day, and the sunlight can really make a boring day look pretty but most of the time it's very static and plain. You can't turn on fancy filters or pump up the contrast, not everyday you can see the sky, you rarely see a lightning storm or even a heavy rain. Video games are pretty when they show you something over the top and of a great scale. I never found Crisis pretty because it ran like shit and looked plain (also I hate jungles).
And then there is a problem of interactivity. These days people expect the games not only look good but also some amount of interactivity. And the closer we are to photorealism the harder it is to make things interactive. The amount of work that would require is too big for most studios to do. And obviously you need powerful hardware to run all of this.
Sure the technology moves and with creation of new ways to render things like Unlimited Detail Technology we are getting closer to making natural looking graphics but I'm not sure if we have to demand them now or even in the next generation.