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Doing Russian language homework. Had the TV on. Remember a rumor that the attack was done by a Chinese militant group calling themselves "The Peoples Red Army" or something. Don't think I was old enough to really get the whole situation but do remember kids at school talking about a coming war the next day.

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@gaspower: You really shouldn't be. They are about the grossest Russian game websites can get. I can see how on the surface it might seem fun but in reality it's quite bad and leaves me embarrassed. At least it was last time I checked.

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Lifeless planet seems interesting and if it's not too much I'd love to know what little pink buds turned out to be.

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Wish you the best of luck, man. Glad to hear there are good people out there willing to help out.

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I'd love to check out strike suit zero, sent you an invite on steam

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While the situation is horrible I wouldn't go as far as to say that Putin is behind it. Reading reports from journalists in the city and the recently released captured reporter of novaya gazeta it seems the whole thing is very disorganized. While the main force of ex-military people is probably at the top, there are other armed groups that while being partners are not really following their orders and behave more like bandits. I don't watch our tv anymore because of blatant misinformation but I wouldn't go watching Ukrainian sources either, some of the stories coming out of there are really silly. I hope the Donetsk situation will be resolved soon because each day it just seems worse and worse with separatists playing a desperate game that they have no way of winning while civilians die in each battle. There is nothing for Russia to gain there and even more to lose. Not only did our image gone down to the bottom because of Crimea but we are also gonna spend a lot of money on it and with a ridiculous dick waving Chinese project that we signed recently spending money on regions we don't need is out of the question. I have nothing against you or your country, more than that I find it terrible how our media portrays Ukraine right now but please don't jump to easy conclusions (because I have before).

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Super excited for this. Really enjoyed Book of Eli and the new Godzilla did everything mostly right. Haven't seen After Earth so I'm pretty optimistic about the whole thing. More excited to see a person I enjoy get something so high up the Holywood food chain. Best of luck!

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Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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That's really sad to hear. Definitely one of my favorite designers. And yeah that dune documentary is solid.