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I was always perplexed by gb people liking this movie. I was really bummed out after watching it. Most of the wokes were gross and out of place. I've never seen Mc Guyver so maybe I missed a good tribute or didn't get some references. Can someone explain it better?

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I just completed RE6 with a friend and after 25 hours of things going from OK to extreme disappointment and frustration we decided to get in on this one when it comes out. RE6 was his first RE game and even after getting bummed out by the end of it he was still interested in more and I personally really enjoyed Revelations. Thankfully unlike the first one this is supposed to have campaign coop so I hope it's even better than Revelations. And for god's sake please no vehicle sequences.

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I'm not talking to anybody in particular but this thread has been surprisingly OK in terms of discussion so I want to share my thoughts on the matter. Hope some of you might help me get some sort of peace of mind. I mostly try to stay out of this but over the last couple of months I aggregated a lot of conflicting feelings on this topic and don't really have a solid opinion on the matter. I don't have a good way to start this because it is all a mish mash of feelings and thoughts so excuse me for lack of structure, I'll try to sum it up at the end for easier reading. So here goes.

To not look like a maniac because of things I might say later in the post I'd like to say that the gamersgate thing was gross and quite disappointing as I had more respect for 4chan, even after I stopped going to the website about 5 years ago. Their raids against terrible people like that racist podcast show and Scientology were brilliant and actually brought attention to the true horrible things out there on the net. When I frequented the site it was an unspoken rule that everything terrible and offensive is done in jest. As this bizarre wave of perversion, gore, sad real life stories, intriguing obscure manga, leaked documents, conspiracy theories, endless iteration on the same jokes to an absurd degree, nostalgia, anger, and self-loathing engulfs you, there is comfort, unity and even support in troubling times. Over time the site got more and more mainstream attention and the saturation of people pretty much eliminated anything good there was, and at this point it seems people are buying into the offensive stuff as being real (there were always nutcases out there, mind you, but not to this degree). So I'd like to say that it's disgusting that innocent people got hurt by these and other idiots.

On the other hand I have issues with how feminism is being represented. I have an issue with using tropes to represent the issues because it leads to generalization of things that fall under the trope, it removes context and no matter what context is the most important thing in truth. Even further I find it alarming how people assume that generalizing people in fine in this argument. While it's easier to hurl insults at vague masses of people we are all unique individuals and just saying that all people on either side want the same thing is wrong and can never lead to a resolution. And personally I feel pretty iffy about the TV-Tropes website as a few years back I stumbled upon this amazing series of videos about it's users which was my first exposure to the "men's rights activist" people.

It's a great cause and should definitely be supported but perhaps a more personal approach would be more helpful akin to the Riot Grrrl movement. The best defense against objectification is it's opposite - humanization. Showing actual people sharing their feelings about the subject is better than creating an out of context montage of gross things that you can do in games. Another thing I don't really understand is how people suddenly argue that NPCs are anything but decoration to the game world. Be it women, men or animals they are nothing but a way to make the world seem more rich than it actually is. We can pretend that they are real people for the sake of immersion but it takes actual effort to do so for we always know that they are nothing but code. At times we can assign real life ideas or characteristics to them (like nazis in games are assumed to be as terrible as nazis were in real life) but in the end it's all on the player to do that. For example if there is a moral system in the game I can't play a bad guy in a video game. For me those games are a way to have a world, albeit fake, where things can most of the time be solved through positive actions. I temporarily assign value to the fake world and it's fake people. The fact that there is a way to be shitty to people actually makes me want to do good actions. But taking that away just makes it seem forced and it's harder for me to care about the NPCs (without a good story justification and even then it's more of an all encompassing caring than assigning personality to no name characters that litter the streets). There is a difference between real and virtual world. It's a very clear distinction and saying that doing things in games leads to doing things in real life is a really hard stretch. Even if this argument has been used to death it does not become less valid. That logic denies any sort of self awareness people have.

Not to say that there is no gross pandering in game development that at times I personally find offensive and I'm pretty sure is objectification. The main one for me in the recent years is Mass Effect 3's redesign of female characters. It was mentioned earlier in the thread and actually was the push I needed to start writing this. When ME3 came out there was a lot of uproar in the community about it's ending but I hardly saw anybody upset about the character redesign of female characters including female Sheppard. I found this really gross because unlike no name NPCs these were actual characters with identities, stories and established personalities. They were about as real as a character can get. I replayed 5 hours of Mass Effect 2 just to save Kelly even if the only thing she could do is feed fish (and even that didn't always happen). But someone out there thought that they weren't sexy enough, I mean that's why people play those games, right? So Ashley got a complete redesign that they never even address, same with fem Shep, EDI gets a stereotypical Soroyama's "Sexy Robot" ripoff because anything with a woman's voice needs a pretty body. The weirdest thing is that I'm absolutely for perversion, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody of course. I think it would be a much better world if we could accept other peoples sexuality even if it is bizarre. But everything has it's place. If I want a weird pinup girl world I'll play something dedicated to it like Dragon's Crown and be happy with it. This change was made to make those characters more "appealing" to the player but in reality it treated the characters like objects and that is wrong and gross.

There is also a line between having sexual content in the game and being sexist or misogynist. Characters like Duke Nukem are as gross as Jim Belushi and if the story requires them to be like that, there should be some sort of counterpoint to them or at least they should be treated accordingly by other characters. If a game straight up rewards the asshole for being the asshole there is a clear issue. Publisher decisions to not make games with female main characters are also quite close minded and hurt the diversity on the marketplace. Activision having a whole mandate to not make any women protagonists is probably the worst case of that.

The absolute best way to fight all of this shit is to create things that are better. Like the Riot Grrrl movement I mentioned earlier. They were making music that reflected their ideals, good or bad it helped bring something that they wanted to the community, even if not a lot. I know it's not easy to make games and can be much more costly than writing music but it's still the best way to fix what you think is wrong. For a long time space sims were considered dead because somewhere in the early 2000s someone thought they can't make money on them. But Star Citizen turned out to be a smash hit even without coming out so now there are space sims everywhere and of all kinds. We need more games. Make more games please.

Anyway, I just spent around 3 hours writing this. Sorry for length and potential incoherence. This is what my head thinks of when I see a new topic about this pop up and it makes me go insane even though there are way more important issues all around me. So here's the summary:

People harassing others because of this issue is terrible. Generalizing makes me feel uneasy. Great cause but poor way of delivery. Sexism and misogyny is out there but there is also a place for sexy fluff (even if immature). Don't write Jim Belushi in your games. Make more games that don't have those problems.

There is more I could say and some stuff is not very well articulated but I had to get it off my chest. Hope eventually I'll find a way to think of this with more focus.

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Doing Russian language homework. Had the TV on. Remember a rumor that the attack was done by a Chinese militant group calling themselves "The Peoples Red Army" or something. Don't think I was old enough to really get the whole situation but do remember kids at school talking about a coming war the next day.

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@gaspower: You really shouldn't be. They are about the grossest Russian game websites can get. I can see how on the surface it might seem fun but in reality it's quite bad and leaves me embarrassed. At least it was last time I checked.

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Lifeless planet seems interesting and if it's not too much I'd love to know what little pink buds turned out to be.

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Wish you the best of luck, man. Glad to hear there are good people out there willing to help out.

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I'd love to check out strike suit zero, sent you an invite on steam

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While the situation is horrible I wouldn't go as far as to say that Putin is behind it. Reading reports from journalists in the city and the recently released captured reporter of novaya gazeta it seems the whole thing is very disorganized. While the main force of ex-military people is probably at the top, there are other armed groups that while being partners are not really following their orders and behave more like bandits. I don't watch our tv anymore because of blatant misinformation but I wouldn't go watching Ukrainian sources either, some of the stories coming out of there are really silly. I hope the Donetsk situation will be resolved soon because each day it just seems worse and worse with separatists playing a desperate game that they have no way of winning while civilians die in each battle. There is nothing for Russia to gain there and even more to lose. Not only did our image gone down to the bottom because of Crimea but we are also gonna spend a lot of money on it and with a ridiculous dick waving Chinese project that we signed recently spending money on regions we don't need is out of the question. I have nothing against you or your country, more than that I find it terrible how our media portrays Ukraine right now but please don't jump to easy conclusions (because I have before).

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Super excited for this. Really enjoyed Book of Eli and the new Godzilla did everything mostly right. Haven't seen After Earth so I'm pretty optimistic about the whole thing. More excited to see a person I enjoy get something so high up the Holywood food chain. Best of luck!