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Terrible stuff.

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Wait a sec, isn't this a different station? The article you imbeded clearly says it's not related to UVB in any way.

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Sexual and lecturer. Entertainment of the brain and brawn.

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This might turn out to be really terrible and joyless but I'm gonna give it a chance.

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I got a PS3 version and it seems well populated, but you know, this is not exactly the most popular game out there...

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Got the game today and so far I'm liking it. Search for "Giant Bomb" in team selection and join in on the merc action!

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Lame but it does explain why the quality of the tweets went down.

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I'd love a BF3 code if anyone has a leftover. Kind of late to start playing the game but always wanted to check it out.

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@zoeytrope: It sadly doesn't. At least it didn't when I played it last time. The controls are set up to work better with a mouse so you can aim with your arms and not with your torso like in old games. I also use x52 and I think the best I got out of it was with the original il-2. It's really fun to attack bombers in that.