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Damn, that's dissapointing

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Same issue with Win 7, latest chrome. It never disappeared for me btw. Just thought it was some weird oversight.

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I really like some of these. Cool stuff. You think you can make them wallpaper sized?

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@dars: Oh yeah, that's pretty common. I feel it's pretty passive though. Even myself I am wearing a cross even though I am more agnostic than anything. It's kind of a family memento or something.

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As a Russian myself I can say that the main concern for me is how the government is cracking down on independent media. In the last month an alarming amount of resources were shut down as well as some prominent people being forced out from their jobs. Tv at became completely unreliable as a news source and proclaims that Ukraine is essentially taken over by nazis (not that directly but that is the main point). Our respect of war heroes is being used to get some really shaky laws and political moves.

I wouldn't say that people are overwhelmingly nationalistic about it. There is a good number of people against the war with Ukraine and the propaganda in our media. There are still a lot of people who have family members and friends in Ukraine so this message of hate seems really confusing.

It's been a really weird time these couple of months here and I just hope it doesn't get much worse.

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@oldirtybearon: You clearly haven't seen Guyver 2 The Dark Hero where David Hayter was the lead.

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But what about Romancing SaGa? That series existed since SNES days and although most of the games never left Japan, I believe the PS2 one and some portable one were released in the west under that name. Wouldn't they fall under the "I don't want anyone to point at Banner Saga as an excuse" category since that is a much easier thing to point at. More thatn that I believe having saga in your name shouldn't even be an issue since all it means is "story" and can be applied to pretty much anything.

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Great work as usual!

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I don't think I've read sillier stuff since encyclopedia dramatica shut down.