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I've played about two hours of it, enough to beat the first Festival boss and explore some other regions. It's not bad. The combat is a bit basic, and the resource management seems a bit lax, although there may be more later on. It took me a while to see how the stats work, as the three main stats are divided into different elements, and that's confusing. Also, the selection of gods is so big that I don't really see that big of a difference, and besides the DNA, I don't think there really is a difference between them. That said, I think the art style is fantastic, and the game is a fun little distraction while I listen to a podcast or whatnot. I will say, for 20 bucks, there is a lot of content.

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PSN: zalrus

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I root for NotDan

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I really like War of Omens, which is out right now. It's kind of a mix of a constructed meets a deck-building game. And it's also free. You should check it out!

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I'm excited! This kind of game seems to have the hooks that always get me into games; Bloodline-like metagame, really cool art style, and giant guns. I'm interested!

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Here's an arbitrary list I made up on the spot!

10) The Mario Party Party series, especially 2 and 3

9) Phantasmagoria Random PC Game

8) Giant Bomb is the New Wikipeida

7) Drew Returns from North Korea

6) Liverpool Travelogue

5) Giant Bomb tries surströmming

4) Bigjeffry's Roller Coaster Rampage Quick Look

3) Persona 4 Endurance Run

2) The Unprofessional Friday where they try Second Life

1) Story Hour: Adventures Quick Look

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@bisonhero: Yeah, you're probably right. however, I will say that Lepers do have a high amount of hp, and even if their accuracy is shit, when they do hit, they hit very hard. They also have a rather high self-heal, so if you are against spiders or anything with a high evade, you can always do that. I think I have one on standby, because they are somewhat hard to kill, ironically.

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I really like this game. It's very hard and oftentimes unfair, but I find that really compelling. Because life isn't fair. They even say in the first loading screen that it's supposed to be this hard.

That said, I do really hope they tweak what kind of heroes you are able to hire each week. I was drowning in Highwaymen and Crusaders when I didn't really need them. Also, I find some classes to be more useful than others; Highwaymen are pretty good, Crusaders are okay, and Occultists are the best healers in the game, bar none. And yet, The Jester, my favorite looking class, is kind of garbage.

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I don't know how I've gone this long without watching it. It's a fairly rote rom-com, but it does enough things differently that I found the piece enjoyable. I helped that they had some British Actors from Little Britain and The IT Crowd. 8/10 cakes

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I do really enjoy watching them, but I was a bit worried about Jeff, as he just seemed downright miserable near the end of it, not even his usual ranty, angry miserable either. I thought Brad was okay.

That said, I do want to see more.