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Totally support this feature; this is why I'm glad Alex & Patrick are on news.

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You should totally post this with an AAR on the TW forums!

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I'm glad he's getting some love for his decision to help fund those PC ports. I'm hoping they're a success!

Oh, and as someone living in Asia constantly importing stuff from the UK and US.. XE is pretty handy.

Edit: Hmm.. I wonder if they would consider crowd-sourcing funding ports now. I'd love me some PC Iron Brigade..

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Totally crushing it dude, this was a nice read. Glad to hear Alex is happy over there on the East Coast.

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I have no real opinion about her casting except: Why would IGN let her do preview coverage of the game if they knew she was involved in the project?

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My head's spinning, fantastic work dude!

That Comic Vine Community drawing is just as mind-blowing.

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Patrick's a solid guy, glad he agreed to do this.

Nice work dantey!

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In all seriousness it's nice I guess. Not a fan of their gaming forums but quite a few subreddits are awesome.

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Previous leaders have all pretty much dropped the ball because they were late to the party on some new innovation... could easily happen to Microsoft.