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Pretty much anything on Reddit; it's where memes go to die.

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THIS IS FUCKING RAD, totally gonna grab a copy of New Vegas.

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Good god I thought they couldn't top Jeff's performance..

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Bumping this because you're awesome, thanks a lot!

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@Matt: I was mostly just parroting this tweet, but yeah, I have nothing but love for Kessler. I'd love to join you guys but I think I'll wait for an Oceanic/Asia-Pacific realm before diving in. Have fun!

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I think he's an interesting entry into the group.. since the bulk of them grew up in the industry together back at GameSpot and don't have too disparate views. It really shows during the podcasts; the conversations that go on are a bit longer and much more textured when he's around. Some of the best QL moments this year have come from him being a dick... That whole "VIN DOG" saga comes to mind.

I get that he might come across as too intense and enthusiastic to some, but these are the very qualities that make the news section worth reading now... so yeah, I don't mind occasionally going "GAWD KLEPEK LET IT GO" or "Oh Alex... When will you learn to love?" every few months if it means getting to read more of the solid articles the both of them put out day in day out.

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It can be pretty weird, yeah. I get the feeling that they're particularly encouraged to push out lots of content quickly, so you can't always expect that level of quality & production you get from the main crew or even from the Fear Gauntlet series.

It'd be silly to demand that it gets posted elsewhere or not at all; it wouldn't be good practice for them otherwise. I'm pretty happy with the current system: the best intern content gets community spotlighted.

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I'll look back on this generation fondly, but I think what really had the most profound impact was the rise of iOS/Steam/XBLA/PSN indie titles.

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There aren't too many callbacks to what happened in Invisible War (only one or two come to mind, and they're not major plot points), and it's a pretty meh game. Given how bloody congested these holidays are for games I'd say you should just go ahead with HR