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in before avgn fans

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@King9999: seriously? got a link? and d'ya have any clue if they can be used for online play?
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I'm sure you guys have seen vids of PC skinners reinterpreting SFIV fighters but I take my hat off to these fellas.

This is just awesome.


This is just.. disturbing.

Cyber Akuma

Sagat as Kratos

Dhalsim as Ghandi
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agreed, assassin's creed was lovely the first hour or so. the experience went downhill after i had to jump up dozens of lookout points, do the same "open world quests, save the very same woman again and again.. you get the idea. i'm afraid all this means i won't be approaching ac2 with an open mind, if i ever do get around to playing it.

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i love this show, it has a bizzare sense of humour. this is how'd the office'd end up if it was a musical.

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played a fair bit of the secret of monkey island remake and it's tastefully done. i'm confident now that they'll make an awesome grim fandango remake if they so choose, or at the very least not butcher it.