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@GunslingerPanda: If you were old enough to have played Oregon Trail, Maniac Mansion and a slew of other games on an Apple IIe in your childhood you'd understand.

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Totally! Have gone through self-imposed media blackouts on Starcraft 2 and Dragon Age: Origins. I'm approaching Skyrim with the same attitude

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@DeeGee: Aww you beat me to it!

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Bumping this to help ya out, your work is definitely appreciated!

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Any idea when this will be out? Still no option to purchase :( Was pretty curious about this game

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I've always maintained that it's never been a question of Brad's gaming ability; it's how long he lets his avatar/servant/minion live.

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Baldur's Gate 2, I miss it so damn much. Not 100% certain it'd be compelling viewing for people not acquainted with it though..

In before someone mentions Kensai/Mage.

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I really don't care. I came here for Giantbomb but I find myself pretty entertained by the other WM sites when I fire em up.

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Things like this are pretty much why Klepek's on the site. Good work man