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fine, i'll delete this then
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First off, if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it, anyway, I AM SICK of people asking "whats Mugen?" or "how does it work?" or "whats it about, what IS Mugen" on youtube etc. 
Mugen is a 2d fighting engine made by elecbyte, whats that? well, you all know 2d street fighter? mortal kombat? marvel? dc? well imagine you adding any character from any of those series and more into one big mashup, your own stages, your own music, character select screen, lifebars,  the works. 
it simulates a fighting game, made in 1999, its free to download, its an application for windows, linux, ms-DOS and xbox, though i don't know how to put it on xbox yet, you can rather use the keyboard or confiqure it for you to use a gampad. 
thats pretty much it, im sure you have seen youtube videos of mugen right? well thats what its all about, in a way this is all pointless, mugen has been out for years and i think the majority of you know what mugen is right? well surprisingly people out there STILL don't know what mugen is, well thats the run down of what Mugen is.
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geez it was just a suggestion, i never said it SHOULD be, im just saying it would be cool at least once, and the reason i didn't type it normally (the website name) is cuz on youtube they do that, i don't know why, and i just never questioned it, maybe it was cuz it was against the rules to put website address in comments for advertivements or something i don't know
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i randomly had the idea of what music they should play during the "i love mondays", think back to the persona 4 endurance run, remember the music played when purchasing an item off tv? i listened to it resently, and i thought it would be hilarious if they played that song at least once, its from the persona 3 ost (i don't know why, it never plays in that game), you should be able to find it somewhere like bluelaguna(dot)net, i don't know if i should put up a download link in .ase it was against the rules or something, anyway just a thought,
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the thing with social links changing story diolog is interesting idea but i can see it as a big mess with the ones you don't have a social link, not to mention awkward  , like one of the things i like about persona 4 is that you can have all the girls in the group as well as outside the group your girlfriend and rarely get mad (there was that one incident  with yukiko but apart from that), it was alot more strict in persona 3 (reverse effect crap), the other characters capablity to hold more than one persona is also a nice idea but i can see that a problem as well, i know i sound negitive but i've played both p3 and p4, i know what works and what doesn't, im simply imagining how it would be if your mechanics were in the game, like i said its a nice idea, but theres a reason why the current mechanics work and why some things are left unchanged,.........where was i?....oh yeah, the reason the other characters capability to hold more personas would not work is becuase...well imagine it, "you're about to enter a dungeon, you have access to the velvet room (or whatever they are calling  it p5), you have 5 members, you go to the velvet room, theres no real way to organize them, the other characters cannot enter the room (if they did it would ruin the franchise, in my opinion anyway) so you fuse personas, you make personas for self, make some for the other characters, but they can't enter, so you have to hold onto them, now you have to keep track of which persona  goes to who, you have to organize them yourself, and you have to do this everytime, you don't have infinite space either, so ou have to move around personas to people so that everyone has the personas you want them to have, THEN you have one persona left, your friends can't carry anymore, either can you, so you have to get rid of it, and it was a good one too, and you was carrying slime aswell, and there other thing you were saying, theres videos on youtube where theres hidden footage on the persona 4 game disc, and its other people having soical links with each other apart from you (like teddie and naoto...ok?), i don't know how it worked but since they didn't put it in the main game im guessing it didn't work out, or maybe they decided to put it in p5 instead, we'll never know.
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in a way i agree with you, i actually reconize most of them, the one i would want would be dynamite headdy (played it all the time when i was young) but its uncommon so i kinda knew he wouldn't be in it, but i can at least hope :(
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so in other words you were expecting just sonic, tails and knuckles?
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*sigh* im half and half with this game, i like it....and i don't like it, i hate the title for starters, from the looks of it, it seems they couldn't decide whether to have just sonic characters or nothing but sega characters, i don't know why they call it "SONIC & sega all star", just sega all star should be fine, like "sega all star tennis" *shivers*, a-anyway what im trying to say is, if they just had one OR the other, it would be much better, instead of having some of one and a lot of the other, the lack of sonic characters makes you think "whats the point of putting them in the game in the first place?" thats what i thought. 
in short, this is what they should of done:- 
Sega All Star Racing (just sega characters in, no sonic) 
Sonic Racing/speed racers etc (only sonic characters) 
if that happened it would be much better than having barely any sonic characters, and a bunch sega characters i couldn't care less about (well maybe Billy) 
thats the only gripe i have with this game, just thought i should share 
PS, i heard they included metal sonic in download content, well at least its not another sega character (we got enough of them), metal sonic's quite cool, but im waiting for Silver, hope they consider it. 
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shin megami tensei: imagine AKA Megaten 
i downloaded it, i started to play it less and less, then i just uninstalled it cuz i never played after the first few days (but im not blaming the mmo, my motivation to play a game that long goes really quickly, but thats my problem)
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