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@gokaired: Since we don't have a release date for EU, I'm considering importing it through the HK PSN (cheaper exchange rates than JP). It's a bit of work but I'd recommend at least taking a closer look at it if you're, like me, not very excited by the prospect of half a year or more before a proper EU release comes along. The JP version got a patch day 0 that makes it possible to turn the entire game into English as well, so no worries about language.

Would be cool to participate but I'm not sure the netcode would handle NA <-> EU connections too well.

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I've seen it earlier, but I thought the Sonic Boom frame-by-frame stuff was really interesting.

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This sounds like a good direction to take when it comes to Early Access-type stuff. Will be interesting to get more video coverage of those types of games.

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I would really appreciate it if you could do mine as well!

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Sent a request for the PS3 group, username Zanetsu over there as well.

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I'm so torn up about this that I can't even cry. Having been diagnosed with a form of depression earlier in the year, Giant Bomb has helped me immensely during the years to just be a little happier, and in no small part thanks to Ryan. I don't have anyone to talk to about this either, and I honestly don't even know what to say. I just wanted to get it out of me that he had an impact on someone he never met, halfway across the world.

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I cannot even words.

You will be missed. My heartfelt condolences to those close to Ryan.

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Actually, there is a swedish online store that I use to buy games that updated the PS4 price to 3700 SEK(local currency) after the press conference, so the 4495 isn't correct any longer.

EDIT: Which is around 564 USD.

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100 / 100 Mbps through fiber. I love swedish internet.