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Rest in peace Ryan Davis. You certainly will be missed. :(

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Batman: Arkham State then first?

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While I said earlier the price seems fair, I was wrong. While I'm sure it's fine in dollars, why are we Europeans - that use the euro as currency - paying about 116 dollars extra? For the same system?

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Calling it the PSV is strange for me as there is also a Dutch soccer club with that name (not that anyone cares really :P).

Well whatever, the hardware and early games look promising and the price seems fair. At least it's lower then expected.

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It's great that they are realeasing DLC. However I have no interest in getting it, this may sound strange but the way the game ended - for me, it pretty much stopped my interest in playing that game any further. Don't get me wrong the ending was quite good, especailly the way it played out. It just killed my interest in the rest the game has to offer. :P

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Great! I still need to play the first PSP God of War though. :(

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What happened with the cool look they had in the concept art they showed us a few days ago? I'm not seeing any of that in these screenshots... This to me looks kinda generic (though with a slight twist) still. :(