This Year #33: The best of GFW Radio from 2008—10hrs MP3


It's another This Year release! This time it's for the last year of GFW Radio. GFW Radio was as brilliant as ever in its final days. The show persisted despite major upheaval at the 1UP offices, including the cancellation of the Games for Windows Magazine, the publication with which GFW Radio was ostensibly linked. But rather than dither at the changes about them, the cast continued to provide the critical (and droll) commentary the show was known for. Whether engineering This American Life-style segments, discussing socially questionable behavior in Second Life, or reflecting on the institutional pressures that brought down the magazine, that GFW Radio remains perhaps the greatest gaming podcast ever created, now four years after its end, is a testament to the individuals that manned those microphones.

While the final few weeks of GFW Radio were overshadowed by the departure of key personnel and the eventual cessation of the podcast, the rest of the year the show operated as its familiar self. As Jeff Green pondered the breast physics in SoulCalibur IV, Robert Ashley waxed eloquent about the milk produced by female Yodas. Anthony Gallegos reported from a Magic: The Gathering ‘gathering,’ and Shawn Elliott recounted still more distressing tales from his childhood. Shawn and Robert visited various protests and the cast as a whole discussed the issue of piracy and wondered about the state of the industry. And then, it was time to go... but not before Jeff read from what must be the most alarming Hero of the Web—people on the internet discussing how they find diapers sexually gratifying. This was GFW Radio.

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