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Thanks to everybody for the feedback! I really appreciate it. :)

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Not to go too offtopic but we need a compilation of everytime Jeff and Ryan read from the Wiishop. There are magical moments in there.

All the best moments have been compiled in our best-ofs, though I can't remember which years now -- 2010 maybe? I think there's about 30 minutes of new releases in 2010. Could be wrong about the year though; there's been so many of them now.

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Great collections! Donated.

Man. Hearing Ryan in a concentrated dose like this just reminds me how fucking good he was at podcasting.

Thanks for the best of's, as always. Donating now.

Thanks for helping us out! It means a lot to me.

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Also, I didn't realize you did Blue Jam series 3 already! Awesome!

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Thank you dude! Really can't tell you how much I appreciate your work, from the Bombcast to UYD and others. Really important and the best part is you do a great job.

Thank you! And thanks to everyone else as well.

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Sometimes I say your name because it's so much fun. Is that weird?

Not at all; perfectly normal, perfectly healthy!

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The This Year Collection returns with another best-of for the Giant Bombcast! We put together best-ofs (i.e compilation show/highlight show/clip show/whatever else you want to call it) for podcasts and radio shows, and as is standard procedure for us each year, we’re opening up the new year with a Bombcast best-of.

Because the program is so long (nine hours) I’ve split it up into two parts. Check out the timestamps below for what’s what; we’re including the entirety of the Ryan memorial on the Bombcast because it was obviously an important part of the show in 2013. You can either get the show on iTunes or RSS or direct download the MP3s: Part 1 / Part 2.

Earlier in the year, we also produced our own memorials for Ryan: one two-hour clip show and one clip show interspersed with Summer Jams. Both are available here, and best-ofs for the rest of the Bombcast (the other five years) can be found at

Hey, hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks for all of the great feedback over the last few years we've been operating. It's fun doing this stuff, but it's better knowing that lots of people really like it and come to look forward to it every January when we release these.

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I must be doing something wrong. I cant seem to actually download it... :( what are you guys doing to download it?

What problem are you having? We'll try to help.

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Is there a full playlist for this posted anywhere?

Included in the download.

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Does this use the same Bombcast/Hotspot clips as the last one, just now with music? I actually enjoyed the songs by Ryan/Jeff/Alex/etc. on that one so not sure I want to listen again with different music, but it's still a great concept and much appreciated.

For the most part yes; there are actually a few new clips, and some have been taken out. All of them have been rearranged, and the Suburban All-Stars songs aren't included -- this is pretty much a different beast.

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You know that's not his actual middle name though, right?

Of course, but everybody knows what I mean when I put it like that.

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Thanks for all the feedback on our original memorial for Ryan, featuring highlights from his time on The HotSpot and the Giant Bombcast. We said then that we were cutting together a version of the memorial that would be infused with Summer Jam songs.

As promised: the Ryan Davis Memorial, Summer Jams edition. The password to the ZIP is Ryan's "middle name," no caps.

I think it easily rates amongst the best things we've put together. I hope you enjoy it.