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@falserelic: I work the same job as you, practically. The only difference is I work nights which cuts out everything you've been complaining about. Trust me, I know how bad it can feel to work there sometimes. Maybe the service industry isn't for you.

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I just personally didn't like how they teased us with Black Mask as the villain and then pulled the curtain on us with The Joker. Completely changed the entire story, although I guess they did call it Origins.

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Too bad games like Quake, Halo, and Gears 1 aren't as popular anymore. Those were as straightforward as they come. Not too many communication problems in those kinds of games.

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The most rewarding feeling in games is seeing a result that shows significant improvement of my performance in gameplay. Example; Super Meat Boy. Failing 100 times on Ch. 6, then deciding to go try Ch. 2 Dark World instead and just decimating it after all that practice. Shows you didn't fail for nothing.

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I would say Gemini Man is pretty difficult to learn. But Hard Man?

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  • The best Devil May Cry game is 4.
  • Might Morphin Power Rangers The Movie is an underrated SNES title.
  • Any one of Microsoft's first party IP is better than all of Sony's put together.
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He IS King Kai.

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Go with Doghouse Systems.

Have a co-worker who's had one for 4 years and is just now needing to overhaul his rig. By the way, buying pre-built IMO is a pretty good idea. Maybe it will be a bit more expensive than building your own, but your saving yourself a lot of trouble and headaches.

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I buy a lot of older games I've never played before, so that keeps things interesting. You sound like you've played a lot though.

Yeah I don't know, I think everyone goes through this at some point in their life. Some people take up other hobbies on top of games. Others, I guess, just drop it entirely and do something else. You know, like go outside and stuff.

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I think its Donkey Kong for me.