First Wiki or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Giant Bomb.

I've been using Giant Bomb since launch but in all that time I've never written a wiki. Was it because I didn't think I had something to add or simply sheer laziness? I don't know, but aside from a few adjustments here and there, I had never written a full wiki.
Then the quest system came along.
Like most males I become easily obsessed with numerical assessments of status, so it's no surprise last week's launch of the quest system set my OCD's on fire. It also caused me to do a few things I'm not proud of, so in order to keep myself karmatically neutral I set about rewriting a wiki that needed help. Say hello to upcoming MMOG APB.
A grammatical nightmare, the original Wiki was nothing short of a poorly written wall of text (no offence meant to the author). It had to go. But as I started breaking it down into sections, it didn't take long to realise that writing about a currently unreleased MMO wasn't the easiest wiki to cut your teeth on.
Finally getting through the various headings, the page is now (imo) in much better shape but is by no means done. I'm not happy with the opening paragraphs (mostly the remains of the previous wiki) and some of the images are less than great. And it could probably do with another section or two added.
So what do you guys make of it? Do you find it informative? Is there anything missing you'd like to see added? I tried to guestimate what aspects of an unreleased game people are most interested in and go from there.
 Appreciate any feedback.


Finally finished my profile page...

Good ol' Luchadeer is now on my dude's shirt. Spent a while lining up the profile picture and the background, I got real anal over getting it pixel perfect but pleased with the end result. Didn't really want to leave the picture as a PNG, but GB's CMS overly compresses any uploaded JPEG causing the image to not blend with background - that just will not do.
Ughhh...I spent far too long on this. Back to work.

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