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Recently there have been some new categories created in the videos tab, such as Vinny Vania, Game Tapes, Best of Giant Bomb, Metal Gear Scanlon etc.

These new sections don't have a URL on the RSS Feeds page. These videos are only available in the "catch-all" videos feed, which isn't ideal as the whole point of having the categories is so that videos can be sorted through neatly instead of just trawling through a dump of everything.

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I use iTunes and the links on the giant bomb feeds page to auto download quick looks, premium upf's etc. so i can watch them on an Apple TV.

I've noticed that the newer sections on the site such as Vinnyvania, Metal Gear Scanlon, Extra Life and such have gotten their own sub-section in the videos tab. However the feeds page hasn't been updated with these new sub-sections and all such videos are just being dumped into the "All Videos" feed.

Are there any URLs i can subscribe to for these new sub-sections so that iTunes can auto-download them for me? If not are there any plans to update the feeds list and include these new sub-sections? I don't particularly want to subscribe to the All Videos feed as i would end up with duplicates from other sub-sections, plus it would just be an un-organised dump of everything which isn't ideal.

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What was the banjo style tune played during the Square Space ad towards the end of the January 26th 2016 episode of the Bombcast?

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Thanks for the replies re: SAO. I guess it's a marmite thing and it sounds like people were into it at first but it gets worse as it goes on.

I did get into anime many many years ago with Akira, Fist of North Star, Tank Police among others but dropped off and have only recently got back into it a year or so ago. I have picked up SAO 2nd vol1 which i'll watch soon. I'm currently going through Cowboy Bebop which i'm enjoying and find really good, but i can't really understand why it is so heavily revered.

I'm also watching Freezing at the moment, whilst i'm enjoying the main story arc i'm finding the gratuitous nature and constant upstart shots a bit unnecessary. I think the story could have been handled a lot more tastefully.

Other anime's i picked up in various Christmas sales which i'll be getting round to are Gurren Lagaan, Space Dandy and Durara. Read good things about Space Dandy but not seen anything on the others.

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Hi Anime Duders. I stumbled onto this thread having read the 4th annual top ten, and subsequently read previous 3 years lists.

I haven't watched a whole lot of anime and don't really follow the scene that much as i don't have a whole lot of spare time so i don't consider myself any sort of authority on the subject matter. I did notice that in those lists, there is no love for Sword Art Online, which i enjoyed the first season of quite a bit. Am i alone in thinking it's a pretty decent show and i'd far rather watch that than an anime about food or band camp?

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I can't get it to work. When I Launch GFWL on Windows 10 I get an error popup "To use Games for Windows Software, you need the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant."

I follow the links, have tried both 32 and 64 bit of the wllogin and still get the error. I'm stuck now.

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Don't understand why people are up in arms about this. If you have worked in an office of a blue chip or fortune 100 company these days then nine of this is out of the ordinary.

Clock in and out for lunch, totally standard. In fact toilet breaks are also monitored in places like call centres and other customer facing areas. Internet and email access is almost always restricted and subject to random spot checks. If your work isn't up to standard you risk redundancy or being fired, no concept of moving to a less demanding role. Finally, say something on a social network site about such company and face a lawsuit.

Seriously, whilst I don't condone this stuff, it's totally nothing out of the norm for the majority of companies out there.

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For some old school shoot em up action, try the original Stardust, Xenon 2 and Blood Money.

Mega-lo-Mania i remember being quite addicting, believe this was also released on the Mega Drive.

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Surely isn't it obvious that they should make a Lego Back To The Future trilogy? Now that would be cool.

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Sorry, just noticed this has already been posted.

Please close this topic.