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For some old school shoot em up action, try the original Stardust, Xenon 2 and Blood Money.

Mega-lo-Mania i remember being quite addicting, believe this was also released on the Mega Drive.

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Surely isn't it obvious that they should make a Lego Back To The Future trilogy? Now that would be cool.

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Sorry, just noticed this has already been posted.

Please close this topic.

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I use the RSS feeds to scrape the HD video content into iTunes so i can then watch on my Apple TV in a different room from my Mac. I've been doing this for years and it's worked pretty much faultlessly until the last few weeks. I've noticed that not all of the videos are showing up in the RSS feeds.

For example:-

The Quicklooks feed hasn't been updated since 8th August with the Back to Bed quick look. Even though there have been at least 8 quick looks since then.

It's also worth pointing out that the separate RSS feeds are now no longer individually titled. So instead of Giant Bomb - Quicklooks, Giant Bomb - Features etc. etc. They are all just showing Giant Bomb - Videos. This makes it annoying when you've got 7 different RSS feeds all with the same name.

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Irrespective of whether or not this is a game, a tech demo, a screen saver, a piece of art or whatever. The guy didn't do himself any favours with his responses to Patrick's questions.

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Whoot, order placed :-)

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Is it bad that i'm ditching a meeting at work so i can sit here and wait for the posters to go up?

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@sanj: Discs are not damaged thankfully. Because it was late afternoon when I tested it, they can't get a courier out to pick up until Monday. Then they have to test it and send a new one or refund me. Either way we are talking Thursday at the earliest if I'm lucky.

Hopefully my PS4 on Friday will be ok. Fingers crossed!

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Looks like I'm the first to post on this forum as being a victim of the faulty disc drive.

I insert a disc, any disc be it a game or a Blu-Ray, only to be greeted with a grinding noise and eventual disc read error message.

This was post day one update and post installation of the Blu-Ray player. There are videos on YouTube of fellow sufferers. Time to pack it up and ship it back to where it came. It's times like this i wish it was store bought instead of internet bought as i won't get my replacement this side of the PS4 release (i'm in UK)

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Words fail me. Ryan will always be remembered in our hearts. RIP duder. Condolences to the rest of the GB crew and family.