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How will Bombcasts work after this? And man, UPF just won't be the same without Vinny.

I'm sure this will end up amazing but it'll still be a VERY weird change. Good luck!

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So that ending was the most ridiculous, beautiful thing I've ever seen. And Jeff's a true hero.

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Was not expecting that as the number 1! I'm waiting for most of these games to go on deeper sale on Steam so I can pick them up. Great list Patrick.

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My emotions are such a mess. Ecstatic that Rorie's back but damn, Dave has been an integral part of the personality of Giant Bomb.

Thanks for everything Dave and good luck in whatever you do in the future! Visit often!

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Wow, I'm actually super interested in this all of a sudden. That's a really interesting time period for an open world action game, I just wonder what the environments are going to end up being like. Mainly just army camps or what?

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Holy crap, the money is adding up QUICK. I left the page when it was ~$59k and came back 10 minutes later and it's gone up to $84k already. Everyone who is a fan of Double Fine at all should be pledging at least $15; you're helping them AND you get the game for that money. DO IT.

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Wow, awesome interview! How'd you even get the chance to do this with Patrick?

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How did I not know until today that the directors were from the same city as me? Yay Winnipeg...I guess?

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Lich - Absolutely LOVE Lich because he has insane lane control and doesn't really need items. I get Sacrifice right away and use it on the first wave of creeps + block, and usually I can Sacrifice again before the first wave is dead. Constant Sacrifice means I'm never too far from the tower or out of mana for Frost Nova harass. Lich is amazing.

Axe - Beserker's Call is my favorite ability in the game. It's so fun targeting an enemy hero early game, to get creeps to attack and help proc Counter Helix, especially since many people don't realize Axe wants to be attacked. It's a great harass.

I recently tried Huskar and found him actually really fun. Haven't tried Bloodseeker in DotA yet, but I used to love him in WC3 DotA.

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I try to put only enough milk that once I'm done the cereal, there's as little milk left as possible. Not really into drinking that warm milk.