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@Devise22: It carries over. One subscription is all you need to get the service on both PS3 and Vita.

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This sounds like a lot of fun and I could really see a lot of my friends getting into it when we all get together. That said, I can't justify buying the game, 1 move starter kit, and another 3 controllers just to play it once every few months when we all get together. It's unfortunate too, because Joust looks like a blast.

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Resistance 3 (playing some co-op with the wife).

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It'd be really nice if they ported it to the Vita as well!

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Can't stand it....then again, I like stuff that some people consider metal, not sure if it is though. Underoath, Blindside, Project 86, Silverstein, and every now and again some Zao (which I know is considered metal.)

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I have been playing online quite frequently, it's a lot of fun. I wish more people would party up, it's annoying to have to go back and find a whole different group of people to play with after every game. If someone wants to play and party up, my id is Makeshiftlake. I don't have a mic yet though, I just bought my ps3, but I plan on getting one sometime soon. Either way, it would be nice to party up with some people.

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I beat it on normal the first play through, and I enjoyed it so much I decided to play on Hard as well, and I am on chapter 15 at this point. Honestly, I have NEVER replayed a game, I have been playing since the NES, and never once have I felt like replaying a game, but this time around is completely different. I am actually enjoying my play through on hard more than normal, just for the shear fact that it requires more thought to each fight, it's great fun! Once I finish hard, I plan on trying Crushing, but no guarantees I will beat it.

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Go buy a PS3, Uncharted 2, and inFamous, you will be happy for awhile, combined, if I didn't already own my PS3, would have sold me on it.

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SOLD. I am downloading now.

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This is truly sad news. I was really hoping to see him make the comeback that he was trying to make. He was an amazing artist, and created some of the greatest pop music ever. He will be severely missed. Tragic, just tragic.