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One of the games I missed in the early PS3 days by not having one. I'll definitely pick it up on Steam if it goes there.

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Not always. I had a captain who was immune to combat, stealth, ranged and beasts. Along with a host of other strengths. His only weakness was a fear of fire, and most of the half a dozen times I fought him there weren't any nearby fire sources (his ranged immunity meant fire arrows wouldn't work). I met him fairly early and he inevitably got promoted to Warchief and reached level 20. I felt I had to ignore him for a while, and eventually came back and formulated a plan to take him out.

I'd say the game sways in both directions in difficulty. I've had instances where I'd be killed in 1-2 hits, and not be given a last stand opportunity. It felt as though you'd be easily annihilating most of the enemies in the game, until you get a bit greedy, or overwhelmed and fall really quickly.

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Recently I've been having some fun playing a Boggle like game on my phone with some friends... so there's that.

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I don't usually like too much of a challenge, especially those involving luck, but I loved Gods Will Be Watching. I'm all the happier for having beaten it before these updates too. I understand the reasoning behind the updates too, I don't expect most people have the patience for GWBW as it was released.

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It's at least an interesting concept. Down the line it'll be more obvious if it's a good deal or not - but I appreciate there being alternatives. I've been trying to get more games on console than on PC lately, and feel as though I don't have much of a choice when games start at about £50 on new consoles and are more like £55-60 to download - sapping the convenience factor.

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I watch speedruns all the time. New personal bests, and world records are great to watch - especially live, but I don't understand their prevalence in news stories. The speedrunning scene seems a bit niche for individual runs to show up on general games sites. A new world record is likely pretty indistinguishable from one set a year ago to a casual observer, with some exceptions.

I suppose everyone who watches speedruns has to be introduced somewhere, and it's cool for people like Cosmo to get some more recognition.

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@huey2k2 said:

@zeyepawdz said:


DOTA really shouldn't count, but what do I know?

I don't see how you can say DOTA2 shouldn't count.

It's his favourite game of the year. You can not like it, that's totally fine, but to suggest it doesn't count is wrong.

I think it's more that Dota 2 has been played since 2011. If we're leaving GOTY stuff that wide open - I played the original Bioshock again this year, and that would top my list again. Actual release date is pretty irrelevant if people have been playing for years already.

People can do what they like, but it seems redundant to name older games that you've played this year too in these lists.

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Wow. I love Papers, Please - I played multiple versions before it got Greenlit, and through a half dozen times since, and I couldn't put it near the top of my list.

Great list Patrick, I'm glad to hear how games have helped you beyond just being means to escapism. Bring on 2014, less tragedy, more quality games.

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8 sentences, 1 picture, and 3 tweets. Good article.

Anyways, are purchases still locked to the system they were bought on or with NNID on 3DS is that now being moved to the account level?

Yep, still locked to the system. The account-level purchasing hasn't been implemented yet.

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Local multiplayer is coming later, as free DLC. I don't know why they didn't have it ready at launch, or why they launched without it in - but that's what they said. Also, as soon as they possibly can - who knows when that'll be, hopefully pretty soon.