Best of 2010

A list made to the best of my ability of my favourite 10 games of this year. It's not perfect as I can't remember how much I liked a few games or may be rose-tinting my memory of others; but It should be okay. Also they are all Xbox 360 games considering that's where I spend the lion share of my time playing video games. (May Include Spoilers)

Games that didn't make the cut and short reasoning.

Fallout: New Vegas - Too broken and unbalanced

Dead Rising 2 - Very glitchy and the boss fights were intolerable

Final Fantasy XIII - Despite the great looks and decent voice acting the game was brutally linear and I much prefer X and X-2 overall; never finished it.

Darksiders - Had some very annoying elements, such as forcing combat puzzles early in the game

Nier - Bit too bland and a lot of fetching required, still dug the game though

Enslaved - Too linear and feels a little strange after playing other games, still, some phenomenal aspects

Resonance of Fate - Lasted too long after I wasn't having fun anymore (I was grinding for achs etc) and the story became meaningless

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Great list.

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Great list with very good points.

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