Steam Challenge 2013

A challenge I found on Reddit (by user FragCakes), with the goal of working through your Steam library, a lot of which, in a lot of our cases, haven't been finished, or even played. I have around 350 games on Steam, and no faith in my ability to finish them all, but it sounds fun to try.

The rules:

  1. You must beat every single player game from start to finish on any difficulty. With large games like Skyrim, the main story-line and the main story-line of the games' DLCs. Game without an ending: 10 hours. Games too difficult to complete: 15 hours.
  2. Multiplayer only games: 7 hours or have beaten every co-op level.
  3. You can work in descending or ascending order alphabetically. Games can be skipped if you cannot play them for whatever reason. Games that already comply with rule 1 or 2 are optional. Duplicate games can be skipped. Games can be played in an alternate order if part of a series with chronology or if you'd prefer to play them in order or release. New games should be returned to -if you've passed them- and completed.

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