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I would just like to say to everyone on the Bomb Squad: you gave Ryan the perfect send off, that podcast was absolutely touching. I kind of hope that one day, far from now and in a more lighthearted mood, we can hear more about the early days and many memories you shared with Ryan. I myself will always remember him, and thought it will always be in an obviously less personal way: he was a man who made himself known.

God bless and much love.

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@NyxFe said:

Just talk to people like they are human beings. It doesn't matter whether they are male, female, or anything else. There are no secret tricks or strategies to get women to like you - and if you are going out of your way to try, whoever likes it probably won't want who you really are anyway.

This is basically it. Women aren't some kind of magical special creatures that you have to decode or study. The only obstacle that you really have to overcome is feeling comfortable around them. As for how you can -become- comfortable, I'm not sure how bad things are for you. Try making brief small talk with women that you run into at various places: waitresses (when things aren't busy, obviously,) bank tellers, cashiers, whoever and wherever.

Also, quit buying into the incredibly dumb alpha/beta talk that you here from morons on the internet. Self confidence and self respect are the only things that makes someone "alpha/beta," and it

Oh, and the PUA crowd? Pathetic, manipulative morons who view women practically as an object, a puzzle to be solved with different tactics. That they occasionally get laid by hurting women with low self esteem and dressing like morons should be the last thing on your mind.

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@BoG said:

Sign me up! I really love what Valve is doing business-wise, so I'll blindly support whatever they do. Gabe jumped off of a cliff? Geronimoooooooo!

For a few solid seconds I completely missed the "if _______ jumped off a cliff, would you?" metaphor and thought you were celebrating Gabe's suicide.