Quick Note on Scoring System

I want to use a 1-10 scale as I feel that allows a greater variety of feedback than just the 5 star system, and I want to be as specific as possible. I also want to note that if I give 2 games the same score that does not necessarily mean that I like them equally, as I try to take genre and platform into consideration. I want to  review games against the standards of their respective platforms.
I also take into the account the price of a game and the time of its release. For example, a game that was top of its genre in 2000 has likely aged badly, but I will still give it a good score but will try to take into account its aged state balanced by its now cheap price. Naturally this is a case by case philosophy, but this is what I would like to achieve.

 Here is what the scores mean in my reviews:    

  • 10 = Legendary 
  • 9 = Amazing 
  • 8 = Great
  • 7 = Good
  • 6 = Decent 
  • 5 = Average 
  • 4 = Poor
  • 3 = Bad
  • 2 = Terrible
  • 1 = Wtf