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Lost Odyssey, best JRPG of this generation and much more like Final Fantasy than XIII 

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Great read, and I am glad you enjoyed the game, more than I thought you would actually. I think this game is a completely competent one, just a disappointing Silent Hill entry in terms of generating actual fear. It is an easy game but its a fun romp. I look forward to your thoughts on Downpour :)

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Great read for a thrilling game, the golden age of horror in gaming. I think Silent Hill 2 is the true masperpiece of the series, but objectively speaking 3 is probably the better "game". Either way its good to hear that you enjoyed your time with it!

I look forward to what you think of Homecoming in more detail. Pity they didnt include 4 in the HD collection, its definitely not my favourite game but it should have been there.

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I still play my PS2 games on my PS3. It is not a deal breaker for me, but I certainly think that if the PS4 launches without backwards compatibility then it is going to need great games at lauch to be worth getting. As it is likely that backwards compatibility will be scrapped, I won't be getting it till well after launch, same goes for the other new consoles when they arrive.

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I didn't realise it was June, but so far its probably Mass Effect 3 followed closely by Journey.

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@Sackmanjones: Hahaha all needs should be catered for! Yea its a decent experience, I thought it just lacked that something special and I never played Origins so it was my first Silent Hill game since 4 and it completely lacked the scares of the original games. Like you said, 2 is the top one for atmosphere and I found 3 to be genuinely unnerving in its own right. I think you will like Downpour when you get to it, just keep expectations in check and you will have a good time.
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@Sackmanjones: Finish Homcoming first. Like others have said it gets worse than it deserve reputation wise. Its a completely competent, if uninspired addition to the series, but its fine. Downpour is worth waiting for, really great atmosphere and story so far, I do not fully understand the really negative reviews it has gotten from some quarters. Glad to hear you enjoyed 3!
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Great read, I can't wait to hear what you think of 3, homecoming and downpour. I am in the middle of downpour at the moment myself and I think it is fantastic, the best one since team silent broke up.

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I don't know exactly why, but the Silent Hill games get me all tensed up in a way that no other series can manage. Silent Hill 2 in particular really has a way of getting to me, I find the apartment section difficult to manage. Dead Space 1 had a moment where you walk down a corridor and there is a crew member at the other end smashing his head into a wall repeatedly and that was the single part of that game that got to me the most, so I know what you mean about long dark corridors. I am playing Downpour at the moment and so far I love it, best Silent Hill game in years. Homecoming is not as terrible as some say, its just an average game and a very disappointing Silent Hill game. Amnesia the Dark Descent also had a truly powerful atmosphere that really unnerved me at points.

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oblivion for 360 and mgs 4 for ps3, never bought a wii but was initially temped by super mario galaxy.