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I play EU West (or played I should say), usually around 4 or 5 games a day with 2 or 3 mates. We usually see no actual EU west people other than us, sometimes there is one but it's rare, the rest are always Russians or Ukrainians.

Why it's not cool...

They will not make even the least bit of effort to communicate, even if they knew english. Non-stop voip abuse in russian. Total selfishness and ignorance when picking and laining.

And they just effin loove to grief with chicken, it's like they're getting paid to do so.

Yeah I know...it's not every Russian, it's just at least 90% of who I've seen during my 400 games, and I'm not exaggerating even a bit.

I've played enough to see that pub games are just completely hopeless and pointless agony. I can only hope they do some geo-blocking so I can play again.

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Monster or beer.

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@MiniPato said:

Did you turn v-sync off in single player? The settings are separate for SP, MP, and zombies, so you have to retweek for each one.

...yeah I know.

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So...for me...

Singleplayer has constant fps drops, it's playable but annoying.

Multiplayer runs really smooth fps wise... BUT... there is a slight mouse input lag problem I'm having, and being this kind of game, even the slightest mouse lag renders the game unplayable. I have a beast pc, that is not and issue and I have made all possible tweaks with no luck. Whenever I reinstall the nvidia drivers I can play with no input lag until I quit the game, when I start the game again the mouse lag is back.

Other than that 'small' problem, I was positively surprised (excluding the singleplayer, we all know it's garbage)...I feel the map design is mostly excellent. I played Blops and some MW3 on a console and this is much more fast-paced, and I feel right at home. The gadgets are fun and handguns are OP. Also it has KRISS Vector.

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Shotgun + dragon's breath...watch them burn.

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Opera, like the features and layout...Chrome as a secondary.

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@Celegus said:

I've tried many different types of alcohol, but they all make me feel sick. I've been buzzed but not drunk, and completely hated the feeling. I just don't get the appeal personally.

I feel you. My body doesn't cope with pot at all. Everyone is unique.

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Whatever it takes to play MGS5 (and Ground Zeroes, that's definitely not only for this gen).