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Yeah I know what you mean, I too cringe at the description I wrote, but at the end of the day it is also a product. Otherwise my game description on the market wouldn't look very professional being something like "Meh, so this is my game, wanna try it out?"

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Hello fellow Giantbombers!

For the last month I have been working on a 3D Android game called Switch 3D, I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some feedback from fellow android users.

Switch 3D:


"How long can you stay on-board the Switchship? Test your reflexes in this intense 3D space experience!

You control the Switchball; a ball that must try and survive oncoming space obstacles by sliding, jumping and by a unique feature called "Switching".

The routes you choose set the difficulty but also set the reward!"

Link: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.Olox.SwitchLite

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The Simpsons Road Rage, no doubt about it.

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bah, sorry. You beat me to it.

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I think the stuff he went on about with the whole "Wisdom of the Crowds" had nothing to do with how he did it. I believe the people he had help him were also being played into making them believe they did it, notice how he didn't show them the prediction before he went on tv?
Any thoughts?

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@Red said:
" I don't really know. Probably one of the guys on Whose Line is it Anyways. "
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@girdz said:
" Cool, do you live in Plymouth? "
Nah I live in Exmouth. Moving to Plymouth this monday.
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@girdz said:
" I'm going to the University of Plymouth to study computing and games development. I'm hoping to be a programmer. Im 15 and so far I can make spell correctors, flash games and other things. "
I'm going to Plymouth this year to do Computer Science.
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I can't wait for this game myself. I am a big kotor fan and a casual wow player.