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  • I shot the zombie kid - I had Kenny kill duck in the last episode so I just couldn't let him kill another kid.
  • I told Vernon the truth - No brainer for me, figured it would defuse the situation quickest.
  • I brought Clementine to Crawford - After the first time I left her at the house (to go to the pier) she was really disappointed I broke my promise to her, couldn't do that to her again.
  • I saved Ben - I don't like Ben at all, but Clementine does, and I do whatever I can to make her happy. Plus I think that he is going to redeem himself somehow down the road.
  • I showed the bite to the group - I hesitated initially but then told them, didn't really see a reason to hide something they would eventually find out.
  • I went with everyone except Kenny - This one surprised me a bit, I feel like I've been pretty fair with Kenny but I couldn't convince him to come. After he refused to go I got mad that I didn't pick the 'Fuck Off Kenny!' dialogue option.

By the way, did anyone choose to just leave the kid in the attic? If so how did it play out in the grave scene later when you see the watcher? Do they even let you leave him up there?

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I married Jordis the Sword-Maiden (the Solitude housecarl). I gave her a full set of Deadric armor and weaponry and she can tank basically anything in the game while I sit back and level up whatever skill I am working on at the moment.

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If you have done the restoring the Thieves Guild quests go to a city that the Guild carries influence in (Solitude/Whiterun/Markath/Windhelm) and just go around pickpocketing everyone in town. Even if you get caught in the act the guards will let you off for half bounty and you will keep your stolen items to sell later. Using the thief standing stone while doing this helps also.

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#5 Posted by ZebN (43 posts) -

Guess I'll relay my story even though it's similar quite a few here. I noticed that my account was hacked a few months ago when I had 2 FIFA achievements on my profile, since I would never play FIFA in a million years, I called Microsoft immediately and told them I was hacked.

The lady that answered was nice but I knew she was just a call router and she told me that their 'Account Investigation Team' would be getting back to me within 25 to 30 days. I asked her if I could get on the phone with one of them right now so I could speed up the process and she did transfer me after about 20 minutes on hold.

Once I got to talk to the guy who would be investigating my account I told him that I couldn't wait the full time since I was hosting a Gears 3 party at my house in a couple of weeks (which was the truth). He told me he was a Gears fan and he would do all he could to restore access to my account. Eight days later he had my account back in my hands and I changed my password to something extremely complicated (the password I had used was admittedly weak and I had used it on other sites).

The hackers spent all of my 720 points but since I do not have a credit card attached to my account they were not able to make any purchases beyond that. Unfortunately Microsoft sill hasn't restored my points balance. I called them last week to ask them where they were on that but they responded that they were still looking into it. I figure if all I am out is 9 dollars then it's not to terrible, but I will call once a month to see if they can restore those points.

Overall it was certainly not a nice experience to get my account hacked, but they took care of it quickly (minus getting my points restored). Looking back I am very glad that I did not have a credit card attached to my account and I that I keep a low points balance at all times. I would suggest others do the same just to be safe.

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@Slaker117 said:

Installing the game onto a flash drive and playing off of that fixed the texture bug for me.

This solution works even on the 1.1 version of the game if you haven't downloaded the 1.2 patch (like me).  Load times are only marginally better but every second counts I suppose.
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@Pinworm45 said:

It's the best game I've played this year. Ergo, it is my game of the year.

This right here. 
As for bugs, I fell through the world once in 80+ hours of play, it's not exactly a broken game.
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I'm a Battlemage so I picked Imperial.  The charm spell also came in quite handy in the early going. 
I'm putting an end to that pesky Stormcloak rebellion so it made sense story-line wise as well.

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Can you buy a Enchanting table upgrade for the house in Solitude?  The one in Whiterun is kind of out of the way.

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@TheDudeOfGaming: Thanks for your help, much appreciated!
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