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It is nice that Baird is the protagonist this time. Atleast we can hear his background story.

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I might pick this up. Looks good.

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Crazy but entertaining topic. Lol at the comments.

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At the end of the day though I'm not having fun, so I should just walk away (even though I hate not finishing games!)

My same thoughts to with any other game that I get frustrated with .

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Jason Bourne for me.

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Viral marketing at its finest!

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I'm always more on desktop always. Never been a fan of laptops they are only good for presentations and other school or office stuff.

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I guess that will never change as long as these kind of business models still exist and this kind will stay for a long long time.

They don't really care about our gripes, all they care is how to milk out more money out of us.

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I totally agree with you and that is really really terrible. I guess this is how it goes with big companies. They really really tend to milk out the masses on everything.

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Nope I don't have one. I don't see my need for this gadget.