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I didn't mean to imply that programs were cross compatible, only that porting an app would be much easier because of shared code.

I didn't only purchase Windows 8 because of the app store- 30 posts ahead of me already mentioned a lot of other positive reasons that I agree with, but the App Store is the place where it has the most potential. I love live tiles and how they show new information without ever launching an app, or having to open a browser and go to a web page. I like having a clean, simple app like the one for eBay or the Giant Bomb app. It's quick and easy - two things important to me because I don't often have time to sit in front of the computer.

I don't enjoy most touch based control schemes so having similar, cheap games available on the PC with mouse/controller support, seems nice to me. So faster boot times, built in anti-virus, quick and easy access to information when I need it, and simple, fun games tied into my existing gamertag/friends - which is all in addition to the things I can already do on a PC - seems like a no-brainer for 40 bucks.

I did edit out the demo version part of my previous comment, I could've swore those were there in the Consumer Preview but I mustve been thinking about my Windows Phone. Probably a separate discussion but I think trials would really help in game sales on PC. One of the chief reasons that pirates say they steal games is because they wanted to try them out (not sure if I believe that reason is true). Yes most Xbox games don't have demos but ALL Xbox Live Arcade Games do. I own too many Arcade games to count at this point because I've downloaded the demo, enjoyed the game and then bought it. I brought up Steam because to me, mostly console but would like to play more PC guy, I can never tell if the smaller indie games on the service are any good. Steam can put a game on sale at a huge discount, pushing it to number one on their top sellers. That gives me no indication of the quality and even though I listen to several gaming podcasts (of which there are less and less all the time), it always seems that game journos have a caveat about an indie game's quality. "So and so Game is really great and inventive but......", you know, comments like that. Give me a timed trial, something that doesn't involve needing half the development team to spend weeks of time creating a vertical slice, and let me judge whether its worth my time and money.

I thought the Windows Marketplace would have these trials, but I guess I was daydreaming. Oh well, Adventure mode in Minesweeper is pretty damn fun, especially for free (Ads only seem to play during the daily challenges, not Adventure mode like was mentioned on the Bombcast.)

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I personally upgraded for the App Store. I have an iPad and have gotten very used to having individual apps for the things I regularly do. A lot of reviews have taken points off for not having a huge app library which is a legitimate concern but Windows 8 is going to sell hundreds of millions of copies. Developers would be leaving money on the table if they didn't develop programs for the Windows Marketplace, especially considering that the code base is also shared with Windows Phone 8 making it even easier to sell your app to multiple markets.

Also, I don't really enjoy playing games on my iPad. I'd prefer some of these simple games that the iPad offers to be on my PC. Infinity Blade Dungeons on Windows 8? Here's my money, which by the way, Microsoft already has access to through my live account....sneaky bastards!

Edited out comment about trials, was sure I saw them earlier.

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I helped her defeat the Shadow Broker in ME2 and I went back to her as the new Shadow Broker several times.

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Yes, just go to the medical station on the Normandy and you can respec any time. Costs 5000 credits, I think.

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People complaining about the big tile in the middle that serves up Content-related ads(haven't seen any old spice ads there) need to realize something. There are tens of thousands of pieces of content available on the 360. To those of us who read gaming sites and follow games closely, we are pretty aware of what is available or coming soon. The average user probably has no idea that new XBLA games come out on Wednesdays or demos on Tuesdays. There needs to be a way to tell the general user that new content is available and the big tile seems like the best place for it. You dont need the Play Disc tile to fill up half the screen. Would I like to see Microsoft put a wider variety of content in that center tile, like cool indie games or less popular stuff, sure I would, but a lot of content would be practically invisible without those ads.

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About two hours into the 360 version and for what some outlets have called "the best looking game on the system", I'm thoroughly disappointed. If you un-focus your eyes, sure it looks great. If you look right at a railing or wall or vending machine, it looks terrible! I have the game installed (all 3 discs) and I've even left the controller alone for several minutes to see if a pretty texture would pop in, but they never came. It also seems like the game is trying to guess what textures you'll be looking at. Try turning side to side after what little textures are there have loaded. (sorry for the strange sentence!) The textures will continue to pop in and out. I won't even get in to the canned animations. Very disappointed and glad I only rented it from Gamefly. Saved me from wasting $60 twice this month (X-men Destiny was the other)

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Only took 20 minutes to install Windows 8. Spent 10 minutes looking for the off button (Not because I didn't like it, I just couldn't find the damned thing!)

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@LordXavierBritish: Very true; i wasn't trying to compel anyone to play it, just saying that I have been able to get some enjoyment from it. 
This game is one of the many reasons I love Gamefly! No way is it worth 60 bucks, but I can play it for a week and wring all of the enjoyment out of it for sure!
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Let me start off by saying that Brink is not a great game. Hell, it's probably not even a good game but I have been having fun with it on occasion for a couple of reasons.

1- Some easy to grab achievements
The completion achievements are especially easy. Just start a level in co-op mode on easy. Sometimes you're lucky enough to join a match right before your team wins and you'll get credit for completing the level. Even the 3-star challenge achievement (100 points) is fairly easy. Just make sure to use a level one character- do the tower defense first because it will be the most difficult later as the AI matches your level.

2- Higher level perks can be fun/fulfilling
Once you push past the early levels, some of the higher level unlocks can be quite rewarding. Even something as simple as upgrading a command post to boost your teams health is fun to do and feels like you are benefiting the team in a meaningful way. Being able to build a turret that does real damage later on is great too.

3- Co-op is where it's at
DO NOT play this game with bots and a high level character. It is only going to frustrate you, guaranteed. Vs. mode can get really laggy (although it seems slightly better with the new matchmaking update allowing only 8 players in a match).  But co-op is how Brink is meant to be played. When your team is working together, with a good seperation of the different classes, matches can be really fun. I have only been playing with strangers on Xbox live, but nearly every match was filled with people actually playing the game right. Maybe i've been extremely lucky, or maybe this type of multiplayer shooter attracts better team players.