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I'm sorry Jeff, I can't imagine what you're going through. We all love you! Stay strong and keep being you

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Essentially just the topic but I've got $15 left this month for freetime and seeing as how the humble bundle has a huge sale going on I don't know what I should pick up. I'm looking at Banished but not sure if it's worth it as from what I read it doesn't have a real endgame and just a general survival. I'm looking at PC games or PS4 including 30 day rentals of ps+. I know I could save up money to shell out for something big but I'm looking for more of a quick satisfaction boost since I've preordered and paid off most of the big games coming this season. Any suggestions? (sorry if wrong board, haven't posted for a while)

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Civ V Gods and Kings if still available please and thank you for the giveaway!

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Nevermind I was just being an idiot, I leveled up melee a bunch but was still using a crappy sword, realized that she only heals when not attacked fast enough, after that and summoning a creature it was a piece of cake - it's not just a war of attrition as I thought at first (if I'm using that word correctly, sorry if not) Just putting this up there for future duders if anyone else has this problem.

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I can essentially live forever using my spells, provisions and rock hard armor spell but she always regains health. Any suggestions? Google didn't turn anything up. So far minus this boss and one very annoying but brief side character I'm really loving this game. Thanks duders

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I'm level 14 and on the Oasis mission, I'm not quite sure how the co-op works but I've only ever played the first game by myself and still loved it but thought that I'd try this second one with some friends but they've all beaten it or have it on a different platform but hey we're all duders here if anyone wants to play add me on steam Zecks23 or any other mac game that you might wanna play together. I know macs aren't great gaming machine but it runs Borderlands 2 quite capably on decent settings and I have a pretty good internet connection. Just thought I'd ask,

Have a good one everyone

PS Eastern Time Zone

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It doesn't have an official App but all the non premium content I stream using the youtube app on the Fire TV and it works great, I just watch the premium content by downloading it and using plex to stream it to the device which also works great. Granted I was running a Roku XD before the Roku 1 even came out so I was experiencing extreme slowdown as well and finally decided to upgrade and it's been worth it for me as a prime subscriber and looking to get the fire phone so I'm kinda all in on their ecosystem now so that's just my two cents

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The app won't open on my old Roku XD when it has every time before. I'm sure this probably has something to do with the server changes but just making sure it's made aware of as it's my primary way of watching Giant Bomb

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This may be an odd request but when I usually have time to play this game it's late at night for me (US eastern time) and I'm usually a little tipsy as I am now, so I apologize if this is a poor topic but I would love to play with some duders who don't mind playing with fellow drunk duders. I do well during the day when I have the chance to play but at night I'm just looking to unwind and of course my ability declines as the night grows old but I was just wondering if anyone else would like to join me for a drunken romp through BF4 on PS4, I've got premium as well so I can play anything. I didn't know how else to find players or set this up so I decided I'd ask on here. If anyone else wants to play with other players who are less than sober please add me and others who post. I'm Nirvana23 on PSN, unfortunately I don't have a real name account because I created my account when I was 15 or 16 and am now 22 so please don't count that against me. Anyway Nirvana23 is looking for help shooting people on BF4 and would love to have you with me. Thanks,