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Such a fantastic add to the site!

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I'm not a huge wiki editor but I have taken some fantastic (in my opinion) screenshots from the PS4 and PC are those allowed to be posted and is there a way to get PS4 images to a computer easily? Sorry if this is already answered somewhere else - thanks in advance -

M. Zeckner

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@nodima: yeah that +500 mutagen is fantastic for where I'm at right now - I just haven't paid enough attention to the actual numbers in my health to see if/how much it increases but it's good to hear that it does, Thanks!

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Sorry if this has already been answered but I'm too tired/buzzed to read through all the posts haha - Anyway does anything happen besides gaining an ability point when gaining a level? Does health or strength or agility (if any of these things are even taken into account with real character stats in this game) increase as well with the level? I'm just barely into Witcher 3 and couldn't see any obvious explanation to exactly what leveling up does. If it only gives me an experience point that's great and all but with the Stones of Power or whatever now providing experience points it seems like the level matters less and less. But I could be completely wrong so if someone could provide the information to exactly what happens that would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance - Zeckner

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No but if you do upgrade I call dibs on the 970 haha

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Louisville, KY, USA

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I'm sorry Jeff, I can't imagine what you're going through. We all love you! Stay strong and keep being you

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Essentially just the topic but I've got $15 left this month for freetime and seeing as how the humble bundle has a huge sale going on I don't know what I should pick up. I'm looking at Banished but not sure if it's worth it as from what I read it doesn't have a real endgame and just a general survival. I'm looking at PC games or PS4 including 30 day rentals of ps+. I know I could save up money to shell out for something big but I'm looking for more of a quick satisfaction boost since I've preordered and paid off most of the big games coming this season. Any suggestions? (sorry if wrong board, haven't posted for a while)

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Civ V Gods and Kings if still available please and thank you for the giveaway!

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Nevermind I was just being an idiot, I leveled up melee a bunch but was still using a crappy sword, realized that she only heals when not attacked fast enough, after that and summoning a creature it was a piece of cake - it's not just a war of attrition as I thought at first (if I'm using that word correctly, sorry if not) Just putting this up there for future duders if anyone else has this problem.