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I usually check how disgusting the toilets are before I make up my mind about using it. As long as there's not shit all over the walls then I am confident about sitting down without using something to cover my bum. Might wipe the seat if it's really wet, but otherwise I don't really mind.

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Yeah I did. It looked really fake at first and it took a while to recognize that this wasn't a joke. But now I kind of like get it, it was just hard to swallow at first.

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I don't know what to say really. Sad as hell and crying, even though I never met him. He felt like one of the most genuine guys ever and he will really be missed!

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Still room for more?


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I am deeply offended that Deep Silver thought I wanted a bloody carcass to display on a marble pole. But then, all these collectors editions with extreme hats and statues just make me sick. I am offended that they think I will spend money on that crap. The fake titties and the sexiness of the statue is of course bad taste, but the big problem is still the shitty collector editions to games just to make that extra money.

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Get Hyped!!

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I must say that I really enjoyed Looper, but there was something with Gordon-Lewitts make-up during half of the movie that really made me upset. It looked really faked and weird.

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Does listening to StarCraft 1 while playing StarCraft 2 count?