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its by far my favourite final fantasy game for me its janky in all the best ways.

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atherstone, warickshire, uk

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well ubi if you do not want my money this is the right way to go about it cause im never buying off uplay

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i am glad i waited for the pc version, although I've been tempted to pick up a PS4 this could be a good reason..... hmm *heads off to talk to wife about an unrelated xmas present*

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man that is great i would wear the shit out of that shirt, great work dude

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thats just fucking awesome patrick you rule

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i think the recent attacks on women where terrible and its hard to understand the mentality of people who could do such a thing.

but just as weird is @spacekatgal attack on giant bomb they made their stance on all the recent bullshit clear they where against it... and as for who they hired well they hired the best people for the job your suggestion of hiring people based on gender or race is offensive in my opinion

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@bushpusherr said:

I guess, personally, I just don't begrudge them because to all the world it seems that they were only able to get the go-ahead for new hires after the tragic passing of a coworker and their senior video producer moving to New York. :(

Fine. He hired who he wanted to. His company, his choice.

But how do you explain doing nothing for weeks while Samantha was being attacked? If he's going to choose to run a site with no diversity, you'd think he'd understand he had more of a responsibility to stand up for women. Or even to appear like he cared.

No, he did nothing. And, by the time he did write a weak statement, Samantha had left the industry. Her exact words to me about his statement were, "milquetoast," and she was totally right. He owed her a phone call.

I'm sorry - Giant's Bomb's actions PROVE that they do not care about industry women. They may feel like they do, they probably tell themselves that they do - but their actions say otherwise. They don't understand how they are part of the problem.

Look, I didn't want this to become another thread about Samantha. But, I can't let them off the hook here. This industry gets a D- for the way it treats women. We have got to act like adults and address this problem.

You may feel like Jeff, Vinnie and others are your friends - but their track women with women is one of the worst in the whole industry.

isn't giant bomb a games reviewing site? what exactly is to do? i keep hearing people say giant bomb should do more but what?

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I am finding all of this so hard to swallow, the subject of all of this is GAMES get some perspective people. games are for entertainment to pass time how can people justify harassing anybody over a god damn game? am i missing something?