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I'm sure most of us have been here, the most important thing now is to keep busy and stay with friends or family, go out and enjoy yourself and if you see her out and about act like your okay and not desperate (even if you are) you will never win a woman back by begging or acting helpless you need to be strong, but trust me duder a new girl WILL come along and make all this a distant memory you just have to get over this Hard patch and you will.

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After reading these comments i hate the internet. what is wrong with everybody if you didn't want to know about apple related news read the headline and move on?, why read it then complain you don't want to read phone related news.

thanks patrick i Appreciate you taking the time to write this article

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Congratulations Vinny!!!!!!!!!

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That is epic. I want one, nice one duder

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For me gta vice city was unforgettable just cruisin round town with the 80s music great stuff.

Everything about gta 4 annoyed me the driving the shooting and the fuckin mobile phone going off every 2 seconds "hey nico its me your brother you want to hang out" ---no fuck off I'm busy killing hookers

but gta 1 at the time was fan-fuckin-tastic

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I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 6 months ago, it was my wife who told me i stop breathing in the night, she would shake me to make sure i started breathing again. I had no idea until she told me and took a video showing me apparently choking or struggling to breath it was horrible to watch because i had no recollection of it in the morning. They tested me at home and it came back severe sleep apnea A.H.I of 28 although CPAP sucks and i hate it with mask leaks and marks on my face and my gut fills up with air. even though all of that i will always wear it because i remember what happend to Ryan

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man would love to come to this bit to far for me though I'm all the way in atherstone

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will vinny skype in for bombcasts because i don't think it will be the same without him. Vinny adds the much needed comedy and to UPF as well.

In 2014 could we not have Vinny stream in his section live on UPF...