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I disagree with the sentiment of this article. The ending I got was one I felt I very much had a hand in and the one conclusion that the entire season was driving towards for my Clementine.

The episode is problematic in spots and a lot of that stems from the characters being more poorly defined than in S1 (outside of a few exceptions). Bonnie and Mike are all over the place and I don't think I had the ability to interact with them as I'd like to compared to Kenny and Jane.

Anyways, solid season with a big highlight (Ep. 3) and more than worth the price of admission.

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Fine with me. An already loaded Fall will allow me to play more stuff and maybe chip in to my backlog.

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Patrick killing it with the content lately. Awesome stuff.

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Thank you for sharing this Patrick. Beautifully written.

I remember the Bombcast you came back on after your father's passing and Ryan said something to you about being happy you were back/that he missed you and it weirdly stuck with me and struck me at the time for being so ridiculously kind and sincere. It was a small, passing gesture but for whatever reason It did and continues to stand out to me as sort of how good a person Ryan was and how big a loss he has been.

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Superb interview, Patrick. I know shooters are far from your favorite genre but I can always count on you to go in to an experience with an open mind. We both had similar reactions/surprises to the game and it's nice to see you extend the game's mindshare by following it up with this piece.

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Happy for you and your family, Vinny.

Excited/nervous for Giant Bomb proper.

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I think this was my favorite episode of the series, season 1 included. The stakes seemed incredibly high at every single moment. Michael Madsen did an amazing job.

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Two of my favorite internet people. Can't wait!

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These aren't really 'funny' but when I've been thinking about Ryan today the videos I most identify him with are:

LA Noire Quick Look

Sid Meier's Sim Golf

Hotline Miami

Ryan as host of the Bombcast comforted me and helped me out of bad days, weeks and months more times than I can count. I will truly miss him.

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