Trophy/Steam Achievement Blogging

I guess I'm going to start blogging about what trophies I collect each day, it'll be a good way to get 20 blog posts for the quests I love so much and should keep me posting.
Lately I've been working on knocking out the last couple of achievements for Torchlight

Catch 1,000 Fish > Pain in the ass, listing to pod casts and zoning out as I did it kind of help speed it up. 
Complete the game on Normal+Hard Hardcore > Easy pie, just takes time.

Only have a few more, 50 Hatch quests, 25 Troll Champions, sell 10,000 items to vender.  Honestly 10,000 sell I'm going to write a script to do or something, I'm only at about 6,000 after all of the play throughs I did because I mostly sent my pet to sell things for me, which apparently doesn't count. BS.
Steam Stats: