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Yup, sites should totally write tons of articles based on what a bitter ex-said, that makes total sense and wouldn't be shitty at all!

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Watchdogs. Dear god that was dull.

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I think Halo's Okay but not really anything super special.

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I hope there's anti-Alex collusion, otherwise I think it's him.

I voted for Zoe just because it makes dumb people mad probably.

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That name reads as a scientific classification to me more than as a name

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Any duders planning to do this on Aerie Peak now that Dan's there? I activated a 10-day trial thing just cause

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That Phil Fish essay was really good. Articulates a lot of my own thoughts.

I'm mostly with him on Lets Play, LP for the passion as a hobby, don't make it a career. When you are going to start making money, then legally speaking unless it is a really critical commentary with a lot of research and effort you're probably SOL and gotta share. YOu should be so lucky, were it some other form of media youtube would just delete your account for posting it - movies, music, etc.

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All media pulls from the past. Or have you not seen the 50 million adaptations of shakespeare in every adaptation? The retellings of greek myth, etc.

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@paulunga said:

Man, this Mittani/Gianturco guy sounds so dumb and uncharismatic I'm kinda surprised he's the leader of the biggest alliance in EVE. Be that as it may, the Goonsquad's been consistently entertaining, can't wait to read what those ruffians are up to next.

Quite the opposite, his charisma and intellect are what make Goons such a well oiled machine. He's a retired copyright lawyer and runs his own games journalism site that is also the biggest EVE news site. Don't let his mannerisms here fool you, he's whip-smart.

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It's too bad I found Zombies, Run! to be extremely frustrating. It didn't communicate very well how close zombies were to me and how fast I needed to go...I couldn't tell if it was the direction I was running or how fast or what. It seemed really opaque. Loved the concept though.

The way to avoid the zombie chases is just to speed up about 20 percent for 30 seconds. There's no direction tracking period for that stuff.