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My sole contribution: Internet Aristocrat/Mundane Matt are super gross video produceres who post a LOT of hateful shit even before the Quinn stuff happened and I lose respect for people automatically when they share them. Yeesh.

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@daclynk said:

i don't see why this is a mistake when the New 3ds is simply just the old 3ds + circle pad pro + amiibos peripherals all in one. there is nothing new at it just the CPU boost. why are people pissed at this. Nintendo is not degrading the system unlike Sony who removed the LED from the PS Vita i didn't see anyone complain but Nintendo, noo people will as always have something to complain about. go ask Sony why they PS vita tv. to play vita games with the duo shock 3. so dumb.

The New CPU means games like Xenoblade will NOT run on the original 3DS at all. They are fragmenting the market and making old systems obsolete

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"How is this different from the iPad"

You're assuming a lot there. Mainly that people didn't think it was dumb when Apple did it too. Not so, I saw a lot of articles at the time questioning their judgement. Not that I ever buy Apple products to begin with.

This seems cool but whoever is in charge of product naming at Nintendo needs a solid firing after the WiiU confusion and now this. And splitting their demographics with different skus that can't play some games is a fucking terrible idea

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Yup, sites should totally write tons of articles based on what a bitter ex-said, that makes total sense and wouldn't be shitty at all!

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Watchdogs. Dear god that was dull.

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I think Halo's Okay but not really anything super special.

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I hope there's anti-Alex collusion, otherwise I think it's him.

I voted for Zoe just because it makes dumb people mad probably.

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That name reads as a scientific classification to me more than as a name

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Any duders planning to do this on Aerie Peak now that Dan's there? I activated a 10-day trial thing just cause

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That Phil Fish essay was really good. Articulates a lot of my own thoughts.

I'm mostly with him on Lets Play, LP for the passion as a hobby, don't make it a career. When you are going to start making money, then legally speaking unless it is a really critical commentary with a lot of research and effort you're probably SOL and gotta share. YOu should be so lucky, were it some other form of media youtube would just delete your account for posting it - movies, music, etc.