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That Phil Fish essay was really good. Articulates a lot of my own thoughts.

I'm mostly with him on Lets Play, LP for the passion as a hobby, don't make it a career. When you are going to start making money, then legally speaking unless it is a really critical commentary with a lot of research and effort you're probably SOL and gotta share. YOu should be so lucky, were it some other form of media youtube would just delete your account for posting it - movies, music, etc.

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All media pulls from the past. Or have you not seen the 50 million adaptations of shakespeare in every adaptation? The retellings of greek myth, etc.

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Man, this Mittani/Gianturco guy sounds so dumb and uncharismatic I'm kinda surprised he's the leader of the biggest alliance in EVE. Be that as it may, the Goonsquad's been consistently entertaining, can't wait to read what those ruffians are up to next.

Quite the opposite, his charisma and intellect are what make Goons such a well oiled machine. He's a retired copyright lawyer and runs his own games journalism site that is also the biggest EVE news site. Don't let his mannerisms here fool you, he's whip-smart.

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It's too bad I found Zombies, Run! to be extremely frustrating. It didn't communicate very well how close zombies were to me and how fast I needed to go...I couldn't tell if it was the direction I was running or how fast or what. It seemed really opaque. Loved the concept though.

The way to avoid the zombie chases is just to speed up about 20 percent for 30 seconds. There's no direction tracking period for that stuff.

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Wonder if Six to Start would get into making VR versions when/if virtual reality becomes better established.

Probably not. To make this work the right way requires GPS tracking of motion - there is accelerometer support but it honestly sucks.

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Was just watching Episode 13 of Double Fine's Backer documentary series for Broken Age and noticed pretty clearly a photo of Ryan on his desk.

Just a little something that caught my eye on a cold winter's night. I get really existential when I'm alone with my thoughts and seeing Ryan pop up kinda just makes me smile for a bit, a guy we all miss can still find little way to pop into our lives even for a moment.

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I am disgusted that someone as outwardly bigoted as bishop is actually still allowed to go out into the public internet. People like this should just be shamed and mocked mercilessly into hiding.

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Note Patrick, you keep saying 'World of Warcraft movie' but it's actually just Warcraft, and is based on the plot of the first game.

And yeah, this is a sure thing for at least being filmed now. Sets are being built in Vancouver. Actual actors are being signed and extras casting has been active here. The furthest Raimi got was saying Raimi was attached.

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DLNA is a feature I use at least once a week so that's a bit of a bummer. Of course it could be slightly alleviated if they have better codec support for playing videos back natively.

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Not sure why everyone is okay with having to be online now when before everyone bitched enough before to have microsoft remove some of its most progressive features.

You dont' have to be online to play games with this. You have to be on the internet briefly to get the patch, but then you're golden for all the features that work without the internet. The difference is that Xbone as it was described at E3 wouldn't have allowed you to even play your singleplayer games offline.