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Wonder if Six to Start would get into making VR versions when/if virtual reality becomes better established.

Probably not. To make this work the right way requires GPS tracking of motion - there is accelerometer support but it honestly sucks.

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Was just watching Episode 13 of Double Fine's Backer documentary series for Broken Age and noticed pretty clearly a photo of Ryan on his desk.

Just a little something that caught my eye on a cold winter's night. I get really existential when I'm alone with my thoughts and seeing Ryan pop up kinda just makes me smile for a bit, a guy we all miss can still find little way to pop into our lives even for a moment.

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I am disgusted that someone as outwardly bigoted as bishop is actually still allowed to go out into the public internet. People like this should just be shamed and mocked mercilessly into hiding.

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Note Patrick, you keep saying 'World of Warcraft movie' but it's actually just Warcraft, and is based on the plot of the first game.

And yeah, this is a sure thing for at least being filmed now. Sets are being built in Vancouver. Actual actors are being signed and extras casting has been active here. The furthest Raimi got was saying Raimi was attached.

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DLNA is a feature I use at least once a week so that's a bit of a bummer. Of course it could be slightly alleviated if they have better codec support for playing videos back natively.

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@andheez said:

Not sure why everyone is okay with having to be online now when before everyone bitched enough before to have microsoft remove some of its most progressive features.

You dont' have to be online to play games with this. You have to be on the internet briefly to get the patch, but then you're golden for all the features that work without the internet. The difference is that Xbone as it was described at E3 wouldn't have allowed you to even play your singleplayer games offline.

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This movie is fun as shit, who cares that it's bad? I could watch it many times over.

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Sadly this isn't really a new issue. Back at the time of Hurricane Katrina, Something Awful ran a fundraising campaign to send relief aid to smaller charities in Louisiana. Paypal stopped them dead in their tracks and gave them two options: refund all donations..or give it to the Red Cross. No option to let the smaller charities get money. SA has not had Paypal support since then for either their account system or merch.

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Julie Uhrman has got to be the most shallow, disingenuous executive in all of gaming. And that's really saying a lot in the world of Don Mattricks and Bobby Koticks. She never makes a statement that actually says ANYTHING of note, just buzzwords and playing the victim while avoiding any real issues.

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Phil is a guy who tries to be funny a lot on twitter and gets really misconstrued - that Futurama quote he made is a prime example. Badly chosen without context, sure. But he wasn't really telling Beer to kill himself - he was making a reference joke. I have a feeling Phil has a pretty bad anxiety disorder like I do as well however, where once he gets riled up he really can't get over things. I feel for the man.